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IfShooting Airsoft Pistol you are a man and didn’t have a BB gun when you were a kid; you need to retrospectively make a phone call to the NSPCC. As far as I’m concerned every boy (and girl) needs to have a BB gun at some point as they grow up. They are just as essential as Lego, Action Man and toy cars.

I recently had a bit of a nostalgic conversation with a friend about childhood games involving BB guns and we decided to get a couple of shooters from Airsoft Bargains. We bought a pistol each so we could have a traditional shoot off and test out our quick fire and accuracy skills.

Also when did everyone stop saying BB gun and start saying Airsoft gun? My new “Airsoft” guns look exactly the same as the “BB” guns I had as a kid.

These guns definitely don’t break the bank, which is great and means that in terms of their pounds to fun ratio, they are stellar. With a BB gun and a little imagination the possibilities are endless: western style showdowns, Matrix bullet dives, William Tell type displays of accuracy, all the way to my simple favourite – shooting coke cans on a wall.

BB Airsoft Gun
Although the two guns we bought weren’t expensive in the slightest they did have a nice weight to them and they didn’t feel like a cheap toys. Being clearly made with quality plastic and a sturdy design I’m sure they could hold their own through a few good shoot outs! Both the guns shot really very accurately for such reasonably priced items, once we had got our eye in we were able to pick off coke cans from quite a distance.

Airsoft Pistols
It’s only a matter of time before a BB soldier breaks ranks, commits mutiny and starts a shoot out. I was assassinated in the back by my double crossing comrade, with not enough time to alert the military police I took matters into my own hands. Quickly ducking behind a wall and returning fire. Yellow plastic BBs rained down upon us, pinging off our coats until we ended in a sort of stalemate when we realised both our clips were empty. If you’ve managed to get to adult life without having a go with a BB gun; I recommend you rectify that ASAP!

If you’ve managed to turn on a computer, log on, access the internet and navigate to Wild Tide, I’d hope you’d have the common sense and intellect to work this out for yourself but just in case, I’m just going to throw it out there:
Shooting people and things with BB guns can be dangerous. Use your common sense and stay safe people.

Airsoft Gun BB


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