All About Scales

This post is called All About Scales for two reasons:

Number One

I’d say that I’m a pretty active and healthy gent but not one that goes to the gym or worries about what he eats and drinks. They way I see it, you could get hit by a bus tomorrow so although you don’t want to actively ruin your body, having a little indulgence every now and then is something to celebrate not demonize.

Life is all about balance. Get it – scales.

Number Two

Saying all that, I have put on a bit of winter podge that I’d like to get rid of. Personally I think New Years resolutions are pretty dumb and lame. If you honestly want to do something so strongly that you could keep it up for an entire year then why wait till the 1st of January to start it. If I wanted to give something up that badly, I’d have done it long before the New Year.

The other reason I think its pretty silly is that most New Years resolutions seem to be about diet and exercise. Trying to eat healthily and get exercise in January is like herding cats. Why pick a rainy horrible month when you’ll undoubtedly be stuck inside a lot and still have a house full of drink, cake and chocolate left over from Christmas. Sounds like setting yourself up to fail.

That’s why I’ve waited till I’ve finished enjoying all the Winter excesses and have decided now is the time to loose my extra winter layer. I’m definitely nowhere near to over weight and because of that I’ve never really worried about my weight. In fact I’ve had so little interesting in how many stones and pounds I am, that I didn’t even own a pair of scales until now. I’ve just splashed out on this set of scales so that I can keep an eye on what’s going on weight wise.

(That’s the second scales!)

Ozeri Scales


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