Am I The Modern Day William Tell With My Crossbow?

The original legend of William Tell comes from the 15th-century. Tell was arrested for failing to bow in respect to the newly appointed Austrian Vogt’s hat (a Vogt is an old German word for overlord). In return for this atrocity the Vogt didn’t hand out an ASBO or an on the spot fixed penalty notice, instead he commanded William to shoot an apple off his son’s head using just a single shot from his crossbow.

As the story goes Tell removed two bolts from his quiver and then proceeded to make a regular fruit salad of the apple; splitting it in half with his first shot. The evil Vogt asked Tell why he took two bolts out, Will replied that it was a force of habit. It is said that his real reasoning was that the second bolt was going to be heading straight for the Vogt’s heart should his first shot miss. Although if you think about it, surely if he missed with the first shot the chances of him then hitting the Vogt’s heart must be pretty slim?

Handheld Crossbow

Wow that was a bit of a tangent, the point I’m trying to get to is that I’ve bought this new crossbow to add to my ever extending range of boys toys. I can report back that although it’s a one-handed, pistol type cross bow, it’s a beast. It fires pointed 6.5inch aluminum bolts with 50lb of power. I know this is difficult to imagine, but basically it means that the bolts shoot out like lighting!

Crossbow Dart

Fortunately I don’t have a son, let alone one with fruit on his head, so I had to find another target. I picked these Coke cups, possibly as a stance against global fast food corporations or possibly just because they were the first thing that came to hand. I lined them up on the grass, drew and loaded the crossbow and took aim…

Coke Cup Target

…I pulled the trigger and the bolt took flight; straight and true, hitting one of the cups. It also has an adjustable sight to help with accuracy and an all important safety button to stop you killing your friends and family. It features an aluminum barrel which makes it light and strong.

Crossbow Trigger

In fact this fella is so strong that when I shot one of the bolts at a plank of wood, almost all the 6.5inch dart made it right the way through. It was just the flight of the dart that stopped it passing clean through the wood. The crossbow is a great deal of fun and I suggest that if you are a fan of pulling triggers, you have a go with one. A word of warning though, be careful they are pretty powerful and definitely to be respected!

Crossbow Darts


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