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We love spending time outside, and with the summer coming, the days are starting to warm up. However, the evenings are still chilly and will remain so all year round. To try and combat this and make our evenings in the great outdoors even more comfortable and fun, we’ve just got a couple of Lazypatch Adult Duvet Suits from Planet Camping

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The one thing I miss when camping is not being able to snuggle up in my bed, with the duvet wrapped around me. A sleeping bag, although warm enough, just doesn’t have the same feeling. The Lazypatch Duvet Suit, however, gives you that amazing ‘Im still in bed’ feeling. The big difference being, it’s an actual jacket and trousers which means you can actually walk around in it (and easily pop to the bathroom if needed as well, as they have a drawstring waistband!)…it really is a duvet and a suit in one!

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You really can do anything in the jacket and trousers. I’ve found them really useful to wear when driving home from the beach. My van’s heater takes longer to get warm than the short drive home, so the trip back from the beach can often be a cold one (especially after being in the sea!). With the duvet suit on though it’s a toasty warm drive back.

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Both the jacket and trousers of the suit have pockets so you can stash your keys, wallet and phone away when out and about on the campsite. It’s also nice to pop your hands in your pockets to keep your digits nice and snug. The soft cotton lining makes it uber cosy, especially with the thick polyester filling- it kept me so warm and as it has long arms and full length trousers, it fully covers your legs and arms. Whilst camping, what I liked about it is that I was able to roll up the sleeves, so I could do things like the washing up after a BBQ.

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For sleeping, the hood was perfect, adding extra comfort on top of my travel pillow, however, the hood can be detached if you fancy it too! It was actually really warm to sleep in so I was very glad the duvet suit jacket has a full zip, meaning I was able to control how warm I wanted to be during the night.

Lazypatch Duvet
The Duvet suit comes in its own bag, which can also double up as a pillow case too- I used this with my travel pillow, to make it softer to sleep on. The jacket and trousers are really easy to roll up and store in the bag, and a piece of cake to carry to our camping destination. The bag will be perfect for storing the Duvet suit when it’s not in use. However, knowing how comfy it is, I’m going to be keeping the bag close to hand!

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The suit is really versatile- awesome for lounging around the house, sitting around a campfire and camping too. What I really like about the suit is that the jacket can actually be worn on its own. My girlfriend and I had a wonder along the beach to check out the amazing sunset during the evening. She decided to wear the Duvet jacket for an extra layer and although the evening air was getting chilly, she found she remained nice and warm.

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The Duvet Suit is a novel and fun item of clothing, adding both comfort and warmth to those cooler evenings. It is without a doubt the comfiest suit I’ve ever owned and I will definitely bring it out on our next camping adventure!

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