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Cooking Chocolate Brownie Cake in Petromax Dutch Oven FT3 Review

    As you might have noticed, I love outdoor cooking and like trying out new ways of cooking outside. Last weekend, the weather was nice and clear and I was able to get out my brand spanking new Petromax Dutch Oven ft3 and test it out. I’ve always wanted to have a go with one and was totally stoked to have finally got one.   From my reading, it had appeared that the joy of Dutch Oven cooking is…

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Petromax Teakettle TK2 Review – A Great Campfire Kettle

    With summer coming to an end and autumn starting to set in, the evenings are drawing in and for me this is a great time of year for campfires and bonfires. Now I don’t want to sound like a pyromaniac but I love everything about campfires, the smell, the sounds of the wood crackling, the colours of the flames and watching the swirl of the smoke. Campfires are awesome. The great thing about them is you don’t even…

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Petromax Hobo Stove BK1 Review with Freshly Caught Mackerel

    Summer is definitely the time for fishing and we’ve certainly been making the most of the good weather and doing so. We’ve been fishing almost every day, both from the shore and on the water off our kayaks. In my opinion, although harder to launch from and way more prone to big swell, the North Coast is always the best place to kayak and fish from. It’s always a lot more productive fishing wise and the epic scenery…

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How To Cook A Freshly Caught Sea Bass Easily

  Having caught your first bass, working out what to do with it can be a tricky thing. The jubilation of all your hard work coming together and you landing a bass is one of the best feelings out there. However, after you’ve put the poor chap to night, the question “What now?” is at first a tricky one to answer. As I tackled my basstastic catch yesterday, I thought back to my first bass and thought it would have…

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The Start To The Summer Camping, Beach & BBQ

    It’s been an awesome start to the summer. I’ve built up a little collection of photos and anecdotal stuff we’ve been doing so I thought I’d share it on here, cos that’s well what my site’s for! I’m going to try and keep this pretty text light and photo heavy as they paint 1000 words and all that. Don’t be surprised if I ramble on though, it normally happens.   Beach BBQs have literally become a weekly occurrence…

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