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How To Cook A Freshly Caught Sea Bass Easily

  Having caught your first bass, working out what to do with it can be a tricky thing. The jubilation of all your hard work coming together and you landing a bass is one of the best feelings out there. However, after you’ve put the poor chap to night, the question “What now?” is at first a tricky one to answer. As I tackled my basstastic catch yesterday, I thought back to my first bass and thought it would have…

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The Start To The Summer Camping, Beach & BBQ

    It’s been an awesome start to the summer. I’ve built up a little collection of photos and anecdotal stuff we’ve been doing so I thought I’d share it on here, cos that’s well what my site’s for! I’m going to try and keep this pretty text light and photo heavy as they paint 1000 words and all that. Don’t be surprised if I ramble on though, it normally happens.   Beach BBQs have literally become a weekly occurrence…

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Smite and Ice Cold Drinks at the Beach

    Summer has finally arrived and last weekend we decided to make the most of this glorious sunshine. We arranged to meet up with a few friends on our local beach. So in preparation we thought it would be the perfect occasion to try out our new ice cube tray and 3 piece Ice bucket by OXO.   The ice cube tray is so practical. There are two trays made of silicone, making 24 ice cubes in total! You…

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Campingaz Party Grill 400 Review – Cooking Freshly Caught Mackerel

  Last Saturday I’m pretty sure the summer switch got turned on. I woke up and much like Scrooge on Christmas morning, I rushed to the window, swung it open and yelled at a boy to go buy me a turkey realised that it was in fact, bright, brilliant and sunny – not a cloud in the sky. In haste, I dusted off my flipity flops and reached to the back of the shelf to find my shorts. Pale legged…

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OXO Tools and Salmon Ramen With Spiralized Noodles

  I’ve been doing a lot of cooking lately, honing my culinary skills in the kitchen! Cooking my own food has really helped me to eat a much healthier and nutritious diet. I can add whatever I like and generally what I like are vegetables. So this recipe I made went down a real treat – Salmon on top of Spiralized Courgette Ramen Noodles. It was really simple to do and a great opportunity to test out some fantastic tools…

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