Outdoor Adventures

This category is for all the landlubbers out there, it contains all the adventures you can have without getting your feet wet! Come here for hiking, camping, outdoor cooking and all the other great activities you can take part in around Cornwall.

Bottled Beer Festival

  I’m going on Holiday to the Spainish coast (purposeful typo) on Friday, for 10 days. Now this post isn’t a brag, as my holiday is bittersweet; for in the Cornish town of Falmouth on Friday the 25th and Saturday 26th of October, one of my favourite occasions of the year occurs. Kernow’s largest real ale festival. Organised by CAMRA and held at Princess Pavilions, the festival plays host to over 200 of the finest real ales, ciders and perries……

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Classic Cornish Walks – Perranporth Beach

  Here is a classic Cornish walk which you’re guaranteed not to get lost on – the entire length of Perranporth beach, from Droskyn Point all the way to Penhale Sands and back. Important: This walk is only achievable at low tide. This is a fantastic walk to do with your dogs, but note that although dogs are allowed on Perranporth beach every day of the year; that during the summer months of July and August all dogs must be…

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Sunday at the Falmouth Oyster Festival

  So, Sunday definitely turned out to be a gluttonous day! We popped down to the Oyster Festival on Events Square, Falmouth at about midday. We browsed the really good selection of high quality stalls and my girlfriend couldn’t resist and bought some jewellery. My eyes however, were set on a very different prize – Oysters and Stout. We made our way into the main marque and headed straight for the oyster bar. I purchased four oysters on a paper…

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Wingsuit Flight with Amazing Water Landing

  This video is incredible it shows French man Raphael Dumont (who is 31 and from Chamonix) completing the first ever wingsuit jump with water landing. He doesn’t use a parachute at any point during the flight. He just glides all the way from the top of the mountain down to the lake, eventually skimming the surface and then plopping in. Check. It. Out:

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Ale Review – Independence from Bristol Beer Factory

  Here be another review for a beer I had at the 5 Degrees beer fest: Sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin with the brewery itself. Bristol Beer Factory have been brewing fine tasting beers for nearly a decade now (they started off in 2004), in that time their range has extended a lot. They now have several bottled ales and produce over 10 cask ales, including some seasonal specials! They like to be inventive and experiment with beer, not in…

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