Outdoor Adventures

This category is for all the landlubbers out there, it contains all the adventures you can have without getting your feet wet! Come here for hiking, camping, outdoor cooking and all the other great activities you can take part in around Cornwall.

Ale Review – Beach Blonde from Sunny Republic

  Tonight we decided to venture through the rain to Beerwolf in town, our bravery in battling the rain was rewarded, upon reaching Beerwolf we bumped into friends and were greeted by a excellent selection of craft beers. With many to choose from, I spotted a beer which I had wanted to try at the 5 degrees beer fest, but unfortunately had been sold out. Using the logic of: ‘if it’s sold out, then it must be good’ I plumped…

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Cornwall in the Rain – Photography

  Inspired by the view outside my windows, here are a collection of photos of Cornwall in the rain: (surprisingly I had no problem finding photos of rainy Cornwall)

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Ale Review – Pale Ale from Black Rock Brewing

  For the last almost 100 years Falmouth has been lacking a brewery. Yes, there are some great breweries nearby, but Falmouth deserves its own. The good people at Black Rock Brewing have stepped up to the plate, or should that be pint? Putting the actual drink to a side for a moment, I love the Black Rock brand and how it reflects their hometown. Black Rock is a cluster of rocks hidden beneath the surface at the entrance of…

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5 Degrees West – Beer and Cider Festival

  I spent Saturday afternoon down at 5 Degrees West in Falmouth, it’s normally one of the better pubs in the Town for a good pint, but this weekend, it was definitely the best.  There were over 25 beers and 20 ciders on offer and it was fantastic. A good beer festival is brilliant for several reasons: You get to try lots of new beers you probably wouldn’t already. A room is filled with people who drink too much beer,…

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Cornish Flag Crispy Cake – Recipe

  This is a cake that will bring a tear to the eye of any patriotic Cornish gentleman or lady. What’s more, it’s massive, delicious and easy to make. It’s basically one of those little crispy cakes you see at village fetes, but with the slight tweak of going supersize and using two types of crispyness to create the beautiful image of the Saint Piran’s Flag. Now strap yourself in, here we go: So basically for this recipe you are…

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