The Man Cave

Unfortunately in England, you can’t be outside 100% of the time and sometimes have to retreat to your Man Cave. Here you can read about DIY, Music, Entertainment and VW Transporters!

Up and Coming in Cornwall – Droll Tellers

  Today you’re going to be reading some quick fire questions I asked to Briony, Josh and Tashi; three illustrators based in Cornwall. I’m not quite sure how I stumbled across this artistic troika on the line, but I’m sure glad I did. I’m going to be asking them about their recently finished and totally brilliant zine Droll Tellers. So what’s a droll teller? Well… before independent book shops, long before megabookshops like Waterstones, wandering ‘droll tellers’ used to tell…

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Three On Thursday – Bonobo

  Bonobo is a British DJ, musician and producer from Brighton. To be honest I hadn’t heard of him until I noticed his music in the background track of the Maverick Slacklining video I recently featured. I absolutely love his music and have been listening to him whilst blogging over the last few weeks. It’s the sort of music you can just chill out to in the background or listen to intently with headphones in the dark. Bonobo – Kiara…

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Three On Thursday – The National

  This week I’m embracing the dark, damp weather and have chosen a rather melancholy sounding indie rock band – The National. They are a fantastic band from Ohio (in the US of A). I would definitely include them in the same playlist as The Rural Alberta Advantage and The Decemberists because of their moody and earthy sound. I think they would be best enjoyed whilst taking a thoughtful, lone, winter stroll around some of Cornwall’s beautiful wilderness. The National…

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What On Earth Is Sphero 2.0?

  This is Sphero…   Sphero is a ball. But it’s not just a ball, it’s packed with loads of cleverness and great ideas: Control it through Bluetooth With Apple or Android phones or tablets Super tough polycarbonate shell Wireless charging Totally waterproof Shock resistant Colour changing LEDs Use it as a controller Loads of fun apps Play with other Spheros So you get your Sphero, you download the Sphero app to your apple or android device. So far I’ve…

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Using an Olloclip to Shoot Even Better Photos on your iPhone

  I use an SLR for taking the majority of photos for this blog; for quality and control you really can’t beat one. However I never really take it out and about with me, It’s too big, bulky and I feel like a bit of a fool carrying a camera bag everywhere. This means that the vast majority of photos I take in my day to day life are taken with my iPhone. I reckon that this is probably the…

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