The Man Cave

Unfortunately in England, you can’t be outside 100% of the time and sometimes have to retreat to your Man Cave. Here you can read about DIY, Music, Entertainment and VW Transporters!

Three on Thursday – Rural Albera Advantage

  Rural Alberta Advantage are a Canadian, Indie Rock band. I love their natural sound, they always make me imagine the big open spaces of Canada. I think they’re great listen on a chilled out walk in the country or on the way to a peaceful fishing session.   The Rural Alberta Advantage – Drain The Blood   The Rural Alberta Advantage – Stamp   Rural Alberta Advantage – In the Summertime

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Ultimate Man Cave Part 1

  Every single day, literally no people say to me; “Mike, what would be in your ultimate Man Cave?” Well i’m getting pretty sick and tired of this constant request, so I thought I’d best do a series of posts spilling the beans. So here you go, BOOM: All Man Caves must contain a Chesterfield. Easily the most manly sofa and superior to all other ways of sitting down. Putting it simply, its the Magnum P.I. of furniture. Bankers Lamp…

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Three on Thursday – Red Hot Chili Peppers

  This is a feature i’m going to try and weekly, on well, a Thursday. I’m going to pick a band or artist and choose my top three songs by them at that moment in time. Why? I’m not really sure. But I do love listening to music and those cringey top 5 band/film/song questions people ask on dates. Anywho, for the very first week I have decided to select Red Hot Chili Peppers (RHCP are now a very popular…

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