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Unfortunately in England, you can’t be outside 100% of the time and sometimes have to retreat to your Man Cave. Here you can read about DIY, Music, Entertainment and VW Transporters!

My Kitchen Renovation – Part 4 – Tiling The Walls

    As I’d had so much success tiling my kitchen’s floor, I decided to get my tiles from Tile Mountain again. They were great quality, well priced and delivery was fast and all of the tiles arrived in A1 condition. After much research and contemplation, I decided to go for their Metro White Wall Tiles on my walls. These tiles look modern, yet classic in a brick bond formation. I was sure I wanted something that looked cool and…

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5 Reasons You Should Play Squash

    Over the past six months I’ve really gotten into squash. It’s such a great sport to play. I’ve been going regularly with my friends and sometimes girlfriend (about once a week) and I absolutely love it. I can really see an improvement in my game, it so much fun either when just rallying or when playing competitively. Aside from being an easy sport to pick up, here are my 5 reasons that you should have a go at…

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The Logo Board Game Review

    A couple of weekends ago, we travelled up to Torquay to visit my girlfriend’s family. It was a jam packed 2 days, visiting relatives and friends, having dinner and lots of socialising. I wasn’t sure if we would even have much time for games, but just in case, we decided to bring a board game with us that I had recently bought. This was The Logo Board Game. We’ve played it a few times before and absolutely love…

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My Kitchen Renovation – Part 3 – Fitting The Units

    After the floor had been tiled, the next job was to fit the units. This wasn’t a job I was particularly looking forward to as it’s quite tricky and not something you do often. Further to this, to get a really well fitting kitchen, exact precision is needed and some of the different stages are pretty stressful. The first thing to do was collect the two 3 metre lengths of worktop that I needed. Luckily, I have a…

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Timeline – Card Game Review

My friends and I are regulars at our local pub for their weekly quiz. We can’t quite decide on our team name: we’ve had “Spiders from Mars”, “Badgers not Hedgehogs” and “Fantastic Four” to name but a few… I’m sure one of these days we will find one we want to stick with. Normally we get to the pub early for a few drinks and a catch up. In the last few weeks, we’ve been playing cards and board games…

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