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Three of the Worlds Best Forests

  I love forests. Standing in a forest crammed full of gigantic trees makes you feel really small. It’s a great leveler knowing that these trees; some of which may have stood since the time of the Romans, will be around for hundred of years after you have left this world. I find that it puts all my tiny ‘first world problems‘ into perspective. Sequoia National Forest, California – USA Named after the Giant Sequoia tree, the largest of which…

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Things to always have in your car or van!

  You never know when you’re gonna be out later than expected. That’s why I always keep a ton of gear in the back of my van ‘just in case’. There are literally a million reasons why you might get caught out somewhere and end up staying later or needing extra supplies: You’re invited on a really cool night out. The van breaks down and you’re stranded (you obviously don’t have a VW) Blizzards and tundra appear and leave you…

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Sand Sculptures

This week I was lucky enough to go on a little road trip up to Weston Super-Mare to the Sand Sculpture Festival. This years theme was Movies and Cinema. The selection ranged from the spectacular to the very good. I was particularly impressed with the sheer size of King Kong and the awesome work on the face of Ron Weasley. Check out some pics (they sure beat my sand castles): Jurassic Park King Kong Jaws Harry Potter Toy Story

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My Top Festival Tips

After a few festivals i’ve got a few solid gold tips. It would be a crime not to shame them, so lets go, BOOM: Wet wipes are your god now – at the end of my first ever day at my first festival my friends and I were sitting around admiring our ‘tans’ then on closer inspection, we all realised, this wasn’t sun kissed skin, it was dust covered, dirtyness. Wet wipes are the quickest and easiest way to sort…

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Five places i’d like to go!

Monet’s Gardens in France Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany Petra in Jordan The Great Wall of China in China (obviously) Taj Mahal in India

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