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Outdoor Gear Tested in Sunny Spain

    Last year I went to Salamanca in Spain to take part in a project working with a Spanish language college. The trip was amazing, I learnt a lot, developed my practice, made some new international connections, saw some fantastic places and got to travel at a time when I was saving money. So when the second part of the project was announced as happening in May, I was stoked. This next stage continued from the first and had…

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5 Hiking Essentials To Take To Snowdonia

  I’ve written about what we got up to in Snowdonia and the gear we used in quite a few posts, but there are still a few more pieces of essential hiking gear that I found so useful I wanted to tell you all about. These are five items that I will not be climbing a mountain without. They are essential because each in their own way, they keep you safe. You can’t put a price on this and they…

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Hangloose at Eden, Gig Rowing and Cash & Guns

  I’m lucky enough to love my job but I love my free time and the weekends even more! We really try and make the most of our weekends. I think you’ve got to really jam them full of fun and make sure you’ve made loads of new memories. Here are a few of the awesome things we’ve been getting up to recently…   Hangloose Adventure I’m a bit of a thrill seeker, and am always up for trying out…

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Easter Holiday – Ceilidh, Alton Towers, Rapidough and West Country Games

  I love holidays! I holiday so, so well. I could be a professional holiday taker. Luckily, a week ago, I had just over 2 weeks of glorious holiday. As I said, I’m good at holidaying and did a great job. We had an amazing fortnight and got up to loads and loads of great stuff. As you may have already read, we went to Snowdonia, did a lot of walking, had an amazing time and summited lots of mountains.…

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Climbing Four Mountains – Tryfan, Glyder Fach, Glyder Fawr and Y Garn

    Hi it’s Vicky again. Snowdonia was such an epic place to be: the scenery was spectacular and the climbs were all so unique and amazing – it’s always such a great sense of achievement when you reach the summit. Whilst planning our trip to Snowdonia, we came across an article in a climbing magazine all about climbing not one, not two, but four peaks in Snowdonia in a day. It seemed pretty difficult, but we were well up…

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