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Salamanca’s Cathedral and the Nosilife Adventure Shirt

    You may have read about my trip to Salamanca last year, well this is a second post all about one particular visit to Salamanca’s famous Cathedral. There are in fact two cathedrals in Salamanca, the ‘Old Cathedral’ and the predictably named ‘New Cathedral’ (or in Spanish ‘Catedral Nueva’). What is pretty cool and convenient is that both of the cathedrals are connected, so when you visit them, you do so together.   Back in 12th and 13th century,…

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My Trip To Salamanca, Spain

  This is a bit of a catch up piece about a trip I made with work, way back 2015. I had an awesome time and took some great photos I’ve been meaning to share with you all. Enjoy.   One day back in October, while I was at work, I got an email from a collegue asking if I was free in a couple weeks. I was really confused, so I phoned them up to find out why they…

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England Vs Wales Twickenham Rugby World Cup 2015

  Last weekend, I was lucky enough to watch probably one of the most anticipated matches of the entire 2015 Rugby World Cup. A battle between two epic rivals: England vs Wales. It was over a year ago when we put in for tickets in the Rugby World Cup ballot and were fortunate enough to get tickets for this Pool Match as well as a quarter final. This has made it a very exciting year with the match just getting…

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London Trip – Part Five – London Dungeons, London Eye & Boris Bikes

  We awoke for our final day in London with a spring in our steps and bounced down to breakfast. When the waitress asked us for any extras we both opted for the waffles, which were amazing! We had the return journey booked for about 4 o’clock but that hadn’t stopped us planning the day packed to the rafters with cool activities. Once we had feasted again on Park Plaza’s awesome breakfast we returned to the room and commenced repacking…

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London Trip – Part Four – Moti Mahal Indian Restaurant, Covent Garden

  After an amazing day filled with art galleries and West End musicals it only seemed right to top it all off with a luxurious meal. It was with this in mind that I had made a reservation at Moti Mahal Restaurant in Covent Garden, which was just a short walk from the theatre. The food at Moti Mahal isn’t your run-of-the-mill Indian takeaway or restaurant, it’s a gastronomic Indian restaurant that’s much more highly refined and sophisticated. Covent Garden…

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