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Cool Things You Must Do in Florence, Italy

  After an awesome time in Venice, we made our way by train to Florence. I really like the Italian rail network as it is very quick and easy to use. The journey from Venice to Florence takes only about two hours and the views out of the windows are great too. If you are in Italy I really recommend you adventure around by train and explore more than one location.   Ponte Vecchio Florence One of the most famous…

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Cool Things You Must Do in Venice, Italy

After adventuring in the Julian Alps for a week, I was a little worried about going back to the hustle and bustle of a city, especially one as well-known as Venice. In my head, the narrow streets would be packed due to being in the height of summer and it would not be a very pleasurable experience. Thankfully, I was very wrong. The moment we stepped out of the train station, the outskirts of Venice were spectacular. I was in…

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Cool Things You Must Do In Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

After spending some time at Lake Bled and using it as a base for a white water rafting and canyoning trip, we travelled to Lake Bohinj to continue our Triglav National Park adventure. Getting between the two lakes is easy as there are regular buses and it only takes a little over 30 minutes to travel between the two. Although Lake Bled has the incredibly picturesque and photogenic church on an island in the middle of the water and the…

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Canyoning and White Water Rafting in Slovenia

We used our stay at Lake Bled as a starting point for lots of different adventures. One of the best was easily the Great Emerald Adventure, which is run by a company in Lake Bled called Life Adventures. This was a whole day trip and involved a morning of canyoning down the famous Soča River and an afternoon of white water rafting in the Fratarica Canyon. After meeting at their building in Lake Bled, the small group of eight of…

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Cool Things You Must Do in Lake Bled, Slovenia

  After a night in Ljubljana, we headed to Lake Bled which is an easy, hour-long bus journey. Buses run hourly all day long and it’s a popular route for tourists and locals, which makes getting to Lake Bled cheap and a breeze. Lake Bled is one of the most famous natural sights to see in the whole of Slovenia and after spending time here, I can totally see why. It is also a great place to start some adventure…

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