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Cool Things You Must Do In Berlin, Germany

The East Side Gallery is a memorial for freedom in Central Berlin along the river Spree. It is a 1316m long section of the Berlin Wall which, in 1990, many varying and different artists painted 105 different paintings along it. Art with this much meaning and scale is always impressive and these works are no exception. Walking along the wall looking at all of the different works did give you some small impression of…

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Cool Things You Must Do In Copenhagen, Denmark

If you see a photo of Copenhagen it’s probably of Nyhavn. This was originally a bustling commercial port where ships from all over the world would arrive to dock. The area was packed with taverns, sailors and the sort of ladies who hang around at docks with sailors! When you visit Nyhavn today, you will see beautiful old houses that are now classy restaurants and bars. Hans Christian Andersen (the famous Danish fairytale writer) used to…

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Cool Things You Must Do In Stockholm, Sweden

  Get out of Stockholm and See The Archipelago The best way to see the Archipelago, perhaps the only way, is to book a boat tour. This took us around just some of the 30,000 islands, islets and rocks which make up the world famous Archipelago. With a delicious lunch included, it really is the perfect way to spend a few hours, whilst admiring the views and the very expensive holiday homes on the islands. Seeing Stockholm from the water…

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Cool Things You Must Do In Oslo, Norway

The best way to arrive in Oslo is by rail – the Bergen railway line is fantastic. We travelled from Myrdal to Oslo and were so impressed. The train follows rivers and valleys along some of the most beautiful countryside I have ever seen. It is comfy and very spacious plus there are spectacular views the whole way. It is great to travel through such epic scenery and through the long train tunnels, really exciting. I…

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Cool Things You Must Do In Bergen, Norway

  We started our European trip by flying to Bergen, Norway. Flying there is very easy from the UK and only takes around 2 hours. After catching the Flybussen transfer bus directly outside the airport front door, we headed straight into the centre of Bergen and absolutely loved it, so thought we would share the coolest things to do when visiting Bergen.   Visit Façade of Bryggen This is an absolute must. It is a very pretty road with the…

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