Easter Holiday – Lydford Gorge, Snake Oil Game, Holywell Bay Pitch & Putt

I hope you all had a fantastic Easter break, I certainly did! When it comes to holidays, I make sure I try and not leave a day spare and ensure that I make the most of my time off. Have you ever had a holiday and when you come back to work and someone asks you what you did and you just don’t really know –it’s depressing! Plan something for every day, that’s my advice, that way your holiday will seem longer and you’ll have a lot more fun. Here is a little article about just some of the things we did over the Easter holiday:

On a particularly sunny day four of us drove to Holywell Bay, which is near Newquay to have a go on their awesome Pitch and Putt course. I’ve not been to every pitch and putt in Cornwall but I have been to a few and this is definitely my favourite. This is because it has fantastic sea views as well as having a varied, interesting and fun course. My favourite hole is number 17 where you must tee off from the top of a cliff and try and land the ball on the green at the bottom of the cliff. Awesome fun!

Holywell Bay Pitch and Put
After the couple hours it takes to go round the 18 hole, pitch and putt course we headed to the nearby Crantock beach. It’s an excellent beach with a National Trust run carpark, which means free parking for NT members like me! Crantock is located on the west side of Newquay by the River Gannel Estuary. With a great expanse of golden sand and surf that’s suitable for all abilities, it’s a great beach for families and surfers to visit. My favourite thing about the beach is the huge dune that you must climb to get onto the beach. It’s a bit of a mission to get up it, but once you reach the top, the view is certainly worth the effort.

Beach bat ball Crantock Beach Cornwall
Once we had made camp on the beach we set my BBQ up (for the first time this year), set the beers chilling in my friend’s beer bucket and played a bit of beach bat and ball. Once the charcoal was ready to cook on we got the burgers and sausages going and got out the classic ‘go to’ beach toy, the Aerobie flying ring (the daddy of all Frisbees). We tried to get a complete circuit of throws and catches without dropping it, which is harder than you might imagine, but eventually we were successful! The sun was shining and it was a great afternoon and evening to hang out at the beach.

Weber BBQ and Beer Bucket Crantock Cornwall
The weather wasn’t always as beautiful and one less summery evening when it wasn’t quite so tropical we played this new party game I’ve got called Snake Oil. I love games, I don’t mean computer games where you sit in a dark room on your own, I mean fun, social games that are great for playing with friends, family and at parties. When it comes to party games, Cards Against Humanity is pretty popular at the moment and I do really enjoy it but it’s got a few down falls. You haven’t got to play it much before it becomes a bit stale. The cards that are the most offensive soon lose their shock value and become a lot less funny. The offensive nature of the game is also a double edged sword as it means that, unless you are very brave, you are limited to who you can play it with! Also most games play out very similarly, in fact almost identically, because you’re basically just reading funny sentences off cards.

That’s what sets my new game Snake Oil apart. It’s got all the features that make Cards Against Humanity a great party game and more.

  1. It’s really simple, the rules are so basic I guarantee you won’t even need to look at the rule book and no player will struggle with how it works.
  2. Snake Oil is suitable for everyone, you can happily play with your best friends or your gran or grandchildren.
  3. It is very different with everyone you play it with; it’s a game where players can have real fun with it, use their imagination and their own sense of humour.

Snake Oil Party Family Game
So that’s why it’s good, now I’ll explain simply how it works:

  • There are two types of cards Customer Cards and Word Cards. That’s it, no dice, no counters, nothing else.
  • To start the game each player is dealt 6 Word Cards. Everyone always has 6 Word Cards, so after a round, you all grab another so your hand remains at 6 Word Cards.
  • Each round someone is the customer, the customer takes a Customer Card and picks which side they would like to play as. That’s what the cards below and to the right are. So you can be loads of different things including a teacher, gangster, beach bum or politician. In the round I photographed the customer ended up being a geek.
  • All the other players look at their hand of Word Cards and pick two to make an object that they want to sell to that customer who in this round was a geek. So in the hand below my friend had the choice of, crowd, laser, tragedy, pizza, cheese and virus. You then look at you cards and try and combine them to make something that a geek might like to buy!

Snake Oil Family Party Game Card

  • Once you’ve come up with your product to sell to the customer you ‘pitch it’. This is where the game becomes hilarious and you can have some real fun trying to pitch your item to the customer. You can do this however you want, from the style of someone on Dragon’s Den to Del Boy from Only Fools and Horses!
  • The product I had created to sell to the geek was a ‘TV Monkey’. It’s basically a monkey who will fetch you energy drinks and refreshments during huge World of Warcraft sessions, record all your favourite Sci-Fy programs and anything else a geek might require.
  • Once the customer has heard all of the pitches they decide which product they want to buy and the person who pitched that product gets to keep the Customer Card. At the end of the game the person with the most Customer Cards wins, but to be honest it’s not the sort of game you really play competitively.
  • The next round whoever was to the left of the customer is the new customer for the round. You carry on playing till everyone has had a turn being the customer or whenever you feel like.

I’ve played Snake Oil a few times with different groups of people and it never fails to be fun and get the laughter going. It’s a great party game which I’d thoroughly recommend!

Snake Oil Family Party Game Cards
One day we went to at Hill Climb event at Blue Hills (which is also called Trevellas and is a beach near St Agnes). The event started off with motorbikes ascending the steep, rough terrain, then motorbikes with side cars had a go. The crowds grew, we had a delicious pasties and after much waiting it was the cars turn. For an event that was free to spectate at it was awesome fun. It’s not something you see everyday and something I’ll definitely be going along to in the future. Great not just for motorsport enthusiasts but everyone!

Blue Hills Hill Climb Beetle St Agnes Cornwall
Travelling out of the county I took a lil roadtrip up to Devon, to be more precise: Dartmoor and to be even more precise: Lydford Gorge. I love Dartmoor with its big expanses of wilderness and fantastic vistas. I’m looking forward to spending more time up there walking and camping over the summer.

Dartmoor Horse Ride Tor
Lydford Gorge is a beautiful place run by the National Trust and is well worth a visit. Lydford Gorge is the deepest gorge in the South West with a 30m waterfall inside. You walk a one way route which takes two hours, the first hour is spent walking the length of the gorge, along the top, going downstream. There is a really nice little NT cafe at the halfway point, then the return journey takes you back along the bottom of the gorge by the river. The walk back is really quite spectacular, I have no idea what the health and safety inspectors said about it as in places it’s pretty treacherous and lots of fun. in parts you navigate the sides of the gorge that are just about wide enough to walk along. Definitely think twice before taking granny here. After the brilliant walk we headed to the Peter Tavy Inn, which as you might have guessed, is in Peter Tavy, where there is great grub and ale to be had!

Lydford-Gorge National Trust Waterfall
Towards the end of the week we took the SUP out for some coastal exploration. We paddled around Cornwall’s South Coast and explored some of the caves and rocky features it has to offer. The weather wasn’t fantastic but it was great fun. I had an awesome Easter holiday doing all this, as well as camping down West, kayaking and fishing off St Michael’s Mount (soon to be written about). I just can’t wait for my next holiday and more adventures!

Bodyglove Sup Wave
Cave Exploring Sea Falmouth Cornwall


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