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Petromax Burger Iron Review

  The latest addition to my Petromax outdoor cooking collection is the Petromax Burger Iron. This is an ingenious piece of equipment for cooking burgers over any fire. I was really stoked about cooking a burger over a campfire in a similar sort of way which you might cook a marshmallow. The burger iron has a similar design to my Petromax Waffle Iron, with a solid wooden, Petromax branded handle, connected by long stainless steel rods to the cast iron…

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Petromax Muffin Tin MF6 Review and Toad in the Hole with Bacon Recipe

  Today I’m going to be reviewing another great piece of outdoor cooking gear, thePetromax Muffin Tin MF6. I’m a huge fan of Petromax and really enjoying cooking with their dutch oven and love testing out their special forms of cast iron cookware. There are lots of great recipes for tasty sweet and savoury treats that you can make with this muffin tin but I have come up with my own snack that I’m going to share with you here……

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Petromax Ring Cake Dutch Oven Pan Review with Peach and Honey Campfire Cake Recipe

The cast-iron Petromax Ring Cake Pan is the latest addition to my campfire kitchen. It’s a multi-functional pan that can do several jobs incredibly well. If you’ve read any of my other Petromax reviews you will know that their products are always really well made and of a quality that is in a league of their own. Like their other Dutch Ovens the Petromax Ring Cake Pan is made from cast iron. This incredibly strong material will ensure that your…

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Primus Kamoto OpenFire Pit Review

The evenings are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer and outdoor cooking season is definitely upon us! I’m a huge, huge, huge fan of cooking outdoors and especially on beautiful Cornish beaches. I don’t mind if it’s a cool gas stove like the Kinjia or a gas grill like the Kuchoma. Undoubtedly though, you can’t get a more rousing, exciting experience than cooking on an open fire. With that in mind, I’m going to review the Primus Kamoto OpenFire…

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Primus Kinjia Stove Review

Primus make great cookery gear and stoves which makes me a huge fan of them. I have a Primus Kuchoma Grill and I absolutely love it; I use it all the time and regularly use it to cook burgers, sausage and steak when at the beach or camping. I’ve been looking for a stove to compliment my beloved Primus Kuchoma Grill as that has an excellent non stick grill but no burner. That’s when I found the Primus Kinjia Stove.…

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