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Campfire Kotlich Cooking

  Last weekend I had a few friends round and we had a bit of a Kotlich party! I imagine you’re now wondering what a Kotlich actually is… Let me explain, basically a Kotlich is an eastern European cooking pot, which is hung from a tripod over an open fire (I’ve also seen people refer to them as Bograc, I think this is the Hungarian word for them). After getting a full Kotlich set from Outdoor Kitchen, I decided the…

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Muurikka Griddle Pan Makes The Ultimate Egg and Bacon Butty

  I’m a huge fan of outdoor cooking, I absolutely love it. It’s something about the added satisfaction and flavour that comes from preparing food in the great outdoors. Despite my enjoyment, I tend to get a bit stuck in a rut when it comes to choosing what delicacies to prepare; burgers, sausages, mackerel and steak, all tend to make a regular appearance. So recently I’ve been looking for new ways of cooking more interesting and unusual meals. I’ve recently…

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Bluffer’s Guide to Beer – Review

  After a fantastically gorgeous Saturday weather wise (as you may have read about in my last post), mother nature decided enough was enough and on Sunday we were back with the standard winter rain. So I did what any sensible fellow would do and retired to one of Cornwall’s many fine drinking establishments to while away the afternoon. In front of a log fire and with my palm on a pint, I decided to research the subject in hand…

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Wild Tide’s Home Brewed Ale – Stage Four – The Drinking

  After 7 days the beer was conditioned and the BruBox was tantalizingly close to being ready. All that was left to do was rotate the box so that the tap was in the upright (ready to pour!) position and then leave for a further two days for the beer to settle. I had started my beer on such a date that it would be ready to drink from Christmas Eve, as the Christmas holiday is a perfect time for…

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Kelly Kettle – Over a Hundred Years In The Making

  I first saw a Kelly Kettle at a rock festival, I remember being wowed by the simplicity and brilliance of it’s design. I gazed across our groups camp, looking enviously on as the Kettle’s owner boiled water with ease. So what is a Kelly Kettle? To find out the answer we need to travel back in time over a hundred years to the 1890’s to Lough Conn, County Mayo in Ireland, where a young farmer and fisherman called Patrick…

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