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Kelly Kettle – Over a Hundred Years In The Making

  I first saw a Kelly Kettle at a rock festival, I remember being wowed by the simplicity and brilliance of it’s design. I gazed across our groups camp, looking enviously on as the Kettle’s owner boiled water with ease. So what is a Kelly Kettle? To find out the answer we need to travel back in time over a hundred years to the 1890’s to Lough Conn, County Mayo in Ireland, where a young farmer and fisherman called Patrick…

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The Ultimate Mince Pies by Wild Tide

  Who doesn’t love a Mince Pie at Christmas? I consider every day in December that I don’t consume one, a massive failure. I’m going to share my favourite recipe with you so that you can make your own Ultimate Mince Pie. Mr Kipling, eat your heart out… Mince Pie Ingredients Plain flour (370g) Butter (80g) Lard (80g) Salt (Just a pinch) Water (chilly) Mincemeat (580g) Milk (just a touch) Icing sugar (for decoration) You Will Also Need: 6cm Cutter…

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Wild Tide’s Home Brewed Ale – Stage Three

  So you’ve read about stage one and stage two of Wild Tide’s Home Brew, now find out what happened next… After 10 days the Brubox had finished fermenting and was bubbling at less that one bubble per minute. I took away the water, removed the tube and closed the tap. As I am creating a draught beer, I removed the cap and poured in three teaspoons of lovely white granulated sugar.   The smell from inside the cube was…

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The Ultimate Apple Crumble Recipe

  Cold winter’s nights are the time for snuggling inside with some hot, homemade, delicious comfort food. When it comes to this genre of food, apple crumble reigns supreme. I also call this particular recipe Crumble Apple as the emphasis is definitely on the crumble (that is the best bit) and not as much the apple. I started off with a fairly standard Apple Crumble recipe, greedily doubled the amount of crumble and then made a couple other modifications. With…

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Wild Tide’s Home Brewed Ale – Stage Two

  Following on from my first post about stage one of my home brew. I thought I’d update you with how it’s going. After I had left the beer to ferment I went to bed, got up and went to work. When I returned the Brubox had changed… It was no longer stooped to one side, it was now pressurised from the fermentation and was rigid because the CO2 had been released into the cube. Bubbles were coming regularly from…

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