Weber Go-Anywhere Portable Charcoal BBQ Review

I’m calling it and saying summer is here. The evenings go on forever its only raining several times a week and some days are actually warm. Due to this change of season I’ve bought myself a brand spanking new (and rather posh) new barbeque.

When it comes to barbeques, there is only really one brand that I associate with top of the range. That brand is Weber, so being a man who likes the finer things in life I decided to go for one of theirs. As much as I’d love one of their ‘uber kitchen outdoors style‘, all singing all dancing, gas barbeques; I do a great deal of my outdoor cooking on the beach, out in the wild and at campsites. So I opted for what looks like the most well thought out and technical, portable barbeque I’ve ever seen – the Weber Go-Anywhere Portable Charcoal BBQ!

BBQ Weber Beach
I took my new purchase down to a little idyll of an empty Cornish beach to give it a test run. I decided to go for the ultimate of barbeque fodder – burgers, to test out my new mini beast. The barbeque came with an extensive guide which informed me that I needed just 13 charcoal briquettes for the perfect cook and It also gave a few handy tips on using the Weber Barbeque.

BBQ Weber Burgers Cooking
I almost forgot to mention one of the cleavest and most ingenious features of the Weber BBQ, the legs. Its got these two curved legs that when rotated downwards life the barbeque off the ground, protecting the surface your cooking on from getting burnt and keeping your food elevated and a bit more hygienic. It also means that you don’t have to be bending right down to flip burgers that are right on the floor. The really smart bit and what I forgot to photograph is how when in storage or transportation the legs rotate round to lock the lid onto the base and allow the entire BBQ to be lifted with the easy grip handle on top. If you don’t get what I mean by that, check out the link as they have a photo and a picture paints a thousand words.

Weber Burgers BBQ
The Weber works best with the lid down to get a full over and even cook. There are vents at the bottom on either side as well as two at the top so you can regulate the barbeque precisely easily. I’ve cooked on it several times now and my food is getting even better every time. For such a small BBQ it really does pack in the features and will be much appreciated by the keen outdoor cook. Although it’s small enough to transport easily the grill is large enough to cook for groups and I’m looking forward to grilling fish on it over the summer. It’s definitely the perfect beach barbeque!

Picnic Burger BBQ

Weber BBQ Burgers


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