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5 Easy Ways You Can Save For Your Annual Vacation

Everyone deserves to travel, but if you can’t quite sacrifice three months of your life to jet across the world, at least you can enjoy a well deserved holiday with your family, friends or partner instead. Sadly, there is one slight detail that prevents people from realising their dreams or enjoying some much-needed family time – money. You might be worried that your current financial situation renders you unable to have a vacation this year. But, you’re wrong! With some…

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The Best Activities In Vietnam For Adventurous Travellers

The southeast Asian travel route wouldn’t be complete without a visit to vibrant Vietnam. From exploring Ho Chi Minh City on the back of a Vespa to drifting through a maze of rivers and swamps along the Mekong Delta, there’s so much to do here. You’ll discover everything from rice paddies and floating markets to French colonial architecture and exhilarating urban culture filled with cool cafes, sizzling street food and fascinating history. There’s plenty of adventure to be had, both…

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What and Where To Eat & Drink in Amsterdam

  This half term we made our way to Amsterdam; I’ve already written about what to do there but we ate and drank so brilliantly that I just had to write a piece just about it. The Dutch aren’t world renowned for their own food and you wont find Dutch restaurants on your local high street, however they are very open people who have a history with lots of other cultures, this means there is some awesome world food in…

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Cool Things You Must Do in Amsterdam, Netherlands

During October half term, we explored another fantastic European city – Amsterdam. This city is the capital of the Netherlands and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its gorgeous architecture and canals. It is world renowned for its artistic heritage, immense canal system and narrow houses with gabled roofs.   Wander The Canals Amsterdam is often referred to as the “Venice of the North” due to its large number of canals which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.…

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How To Get Your Money Back If Your Holiday Gets Cancelled

If you enjoy travel like me and have had your eye on the news recently you may be starting to be alarmed about how safe and secure your holiday bookings are! With even the biggest names in travel clearly vulnerable it’s hard to know where and how your money is safe. Luckily, there are steps you can take to keep your holiday booking monies safe and ways which you can get it back in the event of a disaster. Below…

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