Outdoor Adventures

This category is for all the landlubbers out there, it contains all the adventures you can have without getting your feet wet! Come here for hiking, camping, outdoor cooking and all the other great activities you can take part in around Cornwall.

Petromax Burger Iron Review

  The latest addition to my Petromax outdoor cooking collection is the Petromax Burger Iron. This is an ingenious piece of equipment for cooking burgers over any fire. I was really stoked about cooking a burger over a campfire in a similar sort of way which you might cook a marshmallow. The burger iron has a similar design to my Petromax Waffle Iron, with a solid wooden, Petromax branded handle, connected by long stainless steel rods to the cast iron…

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Petromax Muffin Tin MF6 Review and Toad in the Hole with Bacon Recipe

  Today I’m going to be reviewing another great piece of outdoor cooking gear, thePetromax Muffin Tin MF6. I’m a huge fan of Petromax and really enjoying cooking with their dutch oven and love testing out their special forms of cast iron cookware. There are lots of great recipes for tasty sweet and savoury treats that you can make with this muffin tin but I have come up with my own snack that I’m going to share with you here……

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Buyagift Falconry Experience for Two at Yarak Birds Of Prey Review

Recently, we were lucky enough to have been given a Buyagift Falconry Experience for Two. Booking was easy, we contacted Yarak Birds of Prey Centre who the experience was with and were given a choice of any Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Despite being called a half day on the Buyagift website, we were actually offered the Yarak Full Day Experience, from 10-5pm, at no additional charge. Arriving excitedly at Yarak at ten in the morning, we were greeted by…

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Petromax Ring Cake Dutch Oven Pan Review with Peach and Honey Campfire Cake Recipe

The cast-iron Petromax Ring Cake Pan is the latest addition to my campfire kitchen. It’s a multi-functional pan that can do several jobs incredibly well. If you’ve read any of my other Petromax reviews you will know that their products are always really well made and of a quality that is in a league of their own. Like their other Dutch Ovens the Petromax Ring Cake Pan is made from cast iron. This incredibly strong material will ensure that your…

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Oboz Men’s Bridger 8″ Insulated Waterproof Hiking Boot Review

If you’ve been frustrated by the cold weather hindering your winter adventures in the wild, then you may be in need of some kit designed for the coldest months. This is why I’ve been testing out the Oboz Men’s Bridger 8″ Insulated Waterproof Hiking Boot. I wore them on a cold walk along the Cornish coast path, luckily these boots are as good at keeping your feet warm in cold conditions as the seals that swam alongside me are at…

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