Outdoor Adventures

This category is for all the landlubbers out there, it contains all the adventures you can have without getting your feet wet! Come here for hiking, camping, outdoor cooking and all the other great activities you can take part in around Cornwall.

Climbing Mount Triglav, Slovenia 2864m Part Three

After leaving the Dom Planika in Part two we had just over another vertical metres to climb before reaching the summit. After not long of leaving the mountain hut the track quickly turned to scramble. There were chains and pegs which were really helpful over certain sections. After climbing up with the aid of chains the exposure got more severe, cable followed the more challenging parts of the route and it was best to start using the via ferrata gear.…

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Go Below Ultimate Xtreme Underground Adventure Red Letter Day Review

I had a really great time on the Padstow Sealife Safari for two Red Letter Day which I did earlier this year, so when I was given the amazing gift of the Go Below Ultimate Xtreme Underground Adventure for Two Red Letter Day I was absolutely thrilled. Go Below is a company that run various trips exploring the Victorian Slate Mines in Snowdonia North Wales. They run three different trips and the Ultimate Xtreme Underground Adventure is the longest and…

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Climbing Mount Triglav, Slovenia 2864m Part Two

Hopefully you’ve already part one of this three part adventure – if not you should probably go back and check it out first. Anyway… as we continued away from the tree line and away from the mountain hut, we closer to the eagle flying overhead. The wildlife in the Julian Alps was really stunning. As we climbed higher the trail got narrower and more exciting. This was what we were really after. Tight, exposed mountain paths which wiggled through the…

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Coleman Pack-Away Table for 4 review plus Bungee and Kickback Chair comparison

Over the Easter holidays, I went camping in Pembrokeshire in Wales. It’s a beautiful part of the world and a lovely place to go camping. As we were camping for a few days we took and pitched the roomy Coleman Rocky Mountain 5 tent. I hadn’t been to Pembrokeshire before and really loved it there. It was similar to Cornwall but even more rural and the beaches much, much quieter! I’ve already written about our trip to Skomer Island but…

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Coleman Festival Double Sleeping Bag Review

Festivals are becoming more and more popular every year! Every summer there seems to be another one popping up and it’s no surprise, they’re awesome fun. Like most people, I love watching bands and I love camping and festivals are just a great combination of the two. With this ever increasing festival scene, Coleman have created a range of festival camping gear. In the photo above is my Coleman Cobra 2 Tent I’ve got a few pieces of kit from…

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