Petromax Burger Iron Review

The latest addition to my Petromax outdoor cooking collection is the Petromax Burger Iron. This is an ingenious piece of equipment for cooking burgers over any fire. I was really stoked about cooking a burger over a campfire in a similar sort of way which you might cook a marshmallow.

The burger iron has a similar design to my Petromax Waffle Iron, with a solid wooden, Petromax branded handle, connected by long stainless steel rods to the cast iron burger iron. A really nice touch is the locking hook which you can use to close the burger iron plates in place.

Inside the cast iron mould there are ridges that will give you the typical, regular grilling pattern. Once heated these give awesome traditional, grill lines on your burgers and really make your meal look delicious.

I absolutely love the Petromax branding and logo which is embossed on either side of the burger iron. The two German Petromax dragons are such a cool logo and can’t be beaten when it comes to outdoor cooking aesthetic.

To use the burger iron, I placed it in the embers to let the cast iron take on the residual heat. After placing the patties into the burger iron you hear the fantastic sizzle and you can tell it wont be long before you’ll be biting into it.

Every couple of minutes, I flip the burger iron and make sure the meat is evenly cooked. The first time I used this to cook burgers, I fully expected to get some ash on my food or for the iron to leak in someway; amazingly it doesn’t let anything from your fire into or onto your burger.

Furthermore and possibly more importantly, the good seal actually keeps all of the juices from your burger inside the burger iron. This really creates a noticeably different and improved taste and texture from a regular BBQ burger where all of the juices have been drained out. I really like how when adding cheese to a burger inside the Petromax iron, the cheese had those epic grill lines imprinted on it. The cheese also wasn’t able to drip off or escape which made for even more delicious melted cheese!

Very quickly the Petromax Burger Iron produces the most delicious and tasty burgers. I’d recommend moulding your own burgers from scratch as I bought the biggest ones I could find in the shops and they didn’t get close to filling the Petromax iron – this cooking contraption could grill two monster burgers! I love how fun the burger iron is to use, holding it over the fire really gives you an engaging cooking experience and importantly the burgers it creates are stunningly delicious!

After all the fun, fire, cooking and eating it comes to the cleaning! Luckily, Petromax have got you covered here too. The two halves of the burger iron un-clip in one swift movement allowing for easy clear up and cleaning. I’d also thoroughly recommend getting on the Petromax Scraper for Cast Iron with ridges, this fits into the grill pattern perfectly and does an incredible job of removing all of the debris. This means that after a little brush and a bit of a wipe over with a sponge – your Petromax product is good to go again!


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