Gore Running Wear Air Windstopper Shirt

Back in… like, possibly the spring, I got a new running shirt, a new Air Windstopper Soft Shell Shirt, I was super excited and imediatly went out running in it and photographed it. It’s really awesome and very quickly became a staple of my running wear (I use it every week!) But I totally forgot to write and tell you all about it….. until now!

Gore Running Tehidy
So how did this shirt make it into my daily running wardrobe? Well… reason number one, it’s super comfortable and fantastic to actually run in. As you’d imagine from a Gore product, the materials it’s made from are second to none. It has ventilated areas under your arms to keep you cool, as well as this it also has stretchy panels so that you can flex and run without restriction. The whole thing is really soft and the seams are offset so you don’t get any uncomfortable rubs when running long distance.

Tehidy Woods
When I first got this shirt I wore it running around Tehidy Woods and out to the coastal path to check out the spring flowers and enjoy one of the first long, sunny evenings. Right about now flowers and long evenings seem like a normality but back in April I can assure you they didn’t!

I love how this Gorewear looks, to me it appears like a slightly calmer cousin of Uma Thurman’s costume in Kill Bill. It definitely looks as modern as all the intelligent fabrics it’s made from. As well as looking cool, it’s also safe, as it has reflective strips in all the right places!

Goretex Running Jacket
One of my favourite little features is this very well hidden pocket which sits just by your hip and is perfect for popping your keys or possibly an mp3 player into when running. It’s very well placed and doesn’t annoy you or rub when you’re running. The zip on the front of the jacket is really nice, it stays firm and and as you might expect from the name of this shirt, stops any wind getting through.

Running Tehidy Gore
As well as keeping you cool, it will also stop you getting too cold as I found out as by the time I had made my way to the coastal path the sun had started to set. So when I proceeded to make my return journey in dusk, it got cold. The top although very light weight was still able to keep me from getting too chilly.

I’ve been so impressed by this shirt, it’s not the cheapest thing out there, but you really do get what you pay for. The high tech fabrics really work well in such a comfortable and well styled design.

Cornish North Coast


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