Lifeventure Ellipse Cookware

There Lifeventure knife fork spoonhas been a backstage star for lots of my outdoor cooking and camping posts this year and up until now I haven’t written about it…

It’s not a sous chef, a helpful Sherpa or any other member of my entourage. It’s actually a really well designed set of cookware from Lifeventure, called Ellipse. The set comprises of a plate, bowl, mug, knife, fork and spoon. It’s one of those pieces of gear which I take with me on many an adventure and use all the time.

Here is a little run down of what makes this set special and makes me want to write a whole article about it. First off the plate, bowl and mug can be karabinered together for easy storage and transportation. I found on a messy site, hanging your cookware up and away from everything was pretty smart. Sticking with the clever design, the knife, fork and spoon all click together. This is a way better way of keeping them organised than that plastic pouch you get with old fashioned, metal, camp cutlery.

I’ve used this set many times now and from my clumsiness, have been able to deduce that they are very strong and well made. The packaging said that plastic is BPA free too. I had no idea what this stood for, so I googled it and apparently BPA stands for the British Parking Association. Now I’m properly informed, I’m happy and relieved to find out that this dreadfully tedious organisation had nothing to do with the making of the plastic.

All the inside surfaces have a very smooth finish, almost non-slip, this makes it feel very hygienic and makes washing up a doddle. The last cool idea they’ve had with this range, is to make them in multiple colours which means that you and your mates can all get different colours and stop worrying about drinking someone else’s cuppa! I think this is a really awesome set which is ideal for taking on all your adventures, big and small.

Lifeventure plate

Lifeventure mug bowl

Oh and check out this video of a lady showing you how it all goes together.


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