The Logo Board Game Review

Logo Board Game Box
A couple of weekends ago, we travelled up to Torquay to visit my girlfriend’s family. It was a jam packed 2 days, visiting relatives and friends, having dinner and lots of socialising. I wasn’t sure if we would even have much time for games, but just in case, we decided to bring a board game with us that I had recently bought. This was The Logo Board Game. We’ve played it a few times before and absolutely love it. Knowing my girlfriend and her family, they are a pretty lively and competitive bunch, so we thought they would really enjoy the game as much as we do.

So after a very filling and tasty roast dinner on the Saturday night, we cracked open a few bottles of beer and wine, along with some cheese, chutney and biscuits – it was the perfect time to set up The Logo Board Game.

Logo Board Game Cards
Once ready, we read through the rules, just to make sure everyone knew how to play and got into teams as instructed- we had 3 teams in total. To make the game fair, we got into different age groups, just to make sure we made best use of everyone’s knowledge. Our ages ranged from 15-68 years old, so it made sense to split up, also this made it much more competitive – anyone could win!

The reason I really enjoy playing this game is because the questions are all based on products, logos and packaging of well-known brands. So you don’t have to be a historical genius or have tons of general knowledge, like you do with other quiz games such as Trivial Pursuit. It really is accessible for everyone. The rules are super easy to follow and the game is just as easy to play.

The Logo Board Game

The Logo Board Game – Game Play

There is a pile of question cards – each of which has four questions on the front. There are three types of question cards you can pick during the game:

  • Picture cards: there is a picture that the questions relates to.
  • Pot luck cards: these cards are general knowledge questions about popular logos/packaging/products.
  • Common theme cards: all of the answers on these questions have a common theme.

The aim of the game is to take turns to move your counter around the board- there are yellow, red, green and purple spaces for the question categories. Each team has to answer the questions on the card correctly to move on.

Logo Board Game Cards Box
To start the game, the team that has the youngest player gets to go first. The oldest player from the remaining team/s gets to become the first Question Master (QM) for this initial go. The QM has to pick a card and read the purple question on this card to start with. They must only show the back of the card/picture side to the playing team, and at the same time, hide the questions/answers from their own team.

If the playing team answers correctly, they move their counter to the next purple space, and continue answering all questions on the card- moving the counter to the corresponding colour on the board. If they get it wrong, however, the QM can ask the same question to their own team. If they manage to answer correctly, they move their own counter to the correct colour, as a bonus move. Finally%