The XX Eden Session – Retrospective

Lets start off with this:

The Eden Project looks unbelievably awesome at night. It’s got to be one of the best and most unusual venues around, because of this it manages to pull in acts that wouldn’t otherwise come to Cornwall. I love it as a venue, yes it takes a long time to walk out after the gig and the car park can be a bit of a nightmare, but the atmosphere is so well worth it. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Muse, Bill Bailey, Blink 182, Eddie Izzard and Snow Patrol there and each gig has been brilliant and very memorable.

Anywho onto the XX (I never know if it’s upper or lower case?) – There was a bit of Cornish mizzle hanging over the biomes but I don’t think that dampened anyone’s spirits, definitely not after CHIC had come on stage and played a whoppingly happy set. I had a bit of trepidation about seeing the XX live, I didn’t know if everything on their records would transfer well to being played live.

It did.

The XX are fantastic live. Their ethereal sound was played flawlessly in front of one of the best backdrops you could imagine for their music – Eden at night. It was great to see the percussionist swapping between all his different instruments, I had heard all these sounds through my headphones but never actually knew what they were.

They don’t have a massive back catalogue, which meant they played pretty much everything I wanted to hear. It obviously wasn’t the sort of gig where people were jumping up and down, just staring, listening and soaking up the music (and some of the mizzle).

It was a magical set and I’d definitely recommend seeing the XX to anyone.

If you don’t know the XX you can check out my previous post where they were featured on “Three on Thursday”


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