My Top 5 Best Tips for Being Healthy and Happy

In this article i’m going to talk about 5 different things you can do to stay happy and healthy without really trying. What are you waiting for get reading:
Drinking Water and Milk
Water is essential, just grab a bit ol’ glass of water and glug it down, you’ll feel better almost straight away and the only negative side effect is you might need to go to the toilet more!
Milk and other dairy products are jam packed with protein and vitamins B12 and A. These are great for your immune system and your general health. Go for semi or full skimmed, for added healthyness.
Play a Sport or Get Active
I’m still struggling to see the point in gyms, why pointlessly run in a straight line on a machine whilst watching music videos? If you play a sport then you’re going to be motivated to exercise harder and faster, you’re more likely to paddle faster trying to catch a wave, than you are swimming up and down in a pool. At the end of a sporting session you will feel even more tired than if you’d had a work out and you’ll have actually had fun.3104638765_2dd0d56d19_z
Juice or Smoothies
Drinking juice or smoothies is as easy as pie, it’s a great way to smash some of your five-a-day. I have a glass of orange juice with most breakfasts and a glass of apple juice with most dinners.
What’s that… BOOM! Two of my five-a-day achieved.
Eat Fruit
Stop snacking on crisps and chocolate and grab yourself an apple or a banana. Fruit is mother nature’s convenience food. Not only are they going to keep you full up for longer but they’re part of your 5-a-day, plus they’re delicious.3229575322_e8929750c5_z
Get Some Sleep
You know that horrible feeling when you wake up and you’re already tired. That is your body hating you. Don’t be a fool – get some shut eye. It doesn’t have to be 8 or more hours, just a good 7 is what you need.


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