Man’s Best Friend – Hoodies and My New One from Weird Fish

They say that a dog is man’s best friend, I think that ‘they’ are wrong – It’s the hoody. I don’t mean the hoodies that hang around shopping centres and David Cameron is so keen to hug, I’m talking about the warm, winter essential.

Everyone has one: their long serving, warm, comfy, reliable hoody. They are there for you through everything, times good and times bad. The post winter’s surf warm-up, the long walks on the beach and for you to give to your girlfriend as the ultimate gentlemanly gesture.

My girlfriend wearing my old hoody whilst fishing off some North Coast rocks last year.
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I’ve had my current one for years now, I bought it a long time ago, in a Newquay surf shop far, far away… This trusty steed has served me well throughout the ages, but it’s now time to put him out to pasture. This begs the question, what’s going to fill his place?

The answer? Weird Fish’s Lantern ¼ button toasty fur hoody in light grey. Choosing a new hoody is as important as buying a new automobile and is not to be taken lightly. Careful consideration and much deliberation must take place.

Why did I choose this hoody?

Quality – This hoody is clearly made with premium materials and I’m confident it will last years. Everything about it feels built to last, even the cords on the hood are chunky and tough.

Warmth – The outside of the hoody is made of a tight weave material which feels great to the touch. Inside it’s lined with a micro fleece making it uber toasty. You’ll be hotter than a McDonalds apple pie.

Style – This hoody came in a choice of colours, I went for the grey version. I’d describe the colour as a deep natural grey, somewhere between slate and the colour on top of a dolphin! Aesthetically it’s got a cool, manly, rugged look which looks just as much at home in a sleek, coastal gastro pub as in the back of a sandy van on a rainy Cornish day. It has lots of really nice features and details that give it this edge, for example: a branded leather logo, dark wooden toggles and a thick sturdy hood.


Just casually posing on a lump of granite, reflecting on why my modelling career never really kicked off.


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  1. November 13, 2016 / 5:58 am

    Hey Mike, I have to say I love the article… It’s very nice 🙂

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