Christmas Gifts For Surfers #1 – Breo Watch

If you’re struggling for Christmas present ideas for your surfing friend or loved one, then here is my first idea for you:

A quality surf watch. I’ve been a big fan of Breo watches ever since one of my good friends showed me his. I use a Breo – Roam Elite whilst surfing, as it’s so light and compact that you completely forget you’re even wearing it. The Roam Elite is like a thick rubber band with a tiny digital watch built inside.

I decide to get another Breo watch this week (can you ever have enough), the one I went for this time was the Orb Ten. It’s still suitable for watersports as you can take it down to 10 metres underwater. It’s nice and chunky with a sort of ‘dive watch’ style. Available in several different colour options, you can pick one to suit almost anyone’s tastes. I went for the cyan and grey, which I think looks really modern and cool.


I really like the way you could wear it in the water, then go straight for a meal or a night on the town without it looking out of place. It also looks a lot more funky and interesting than your average watch!

One of the reasons this would make a fantastic present as well as its functionality and style, is its packaging. It comes in this really posh, ultra futuristic white box. It looks like something from a science fiction movie or what would happen if an iPod mated with a biscuit tin.


Once you’ve opened the case it’s presented on a lime green cushion, the case is lined with the same vivid green colour which ties it all together very nicely. Overall I can’t imagine any guy or gal, let alone a surfer being disappointed when unwrapping one of these on Christmas morning.



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