The Many Different Styles of Sunglasses

There are a huge variety in shape and style of sunglasses. Today we’re going to have a look at three classics. It took my a while to decide which ones were for me. Hopefully with my brief little guide you’ll have a helping hand.

This is my personal favourite, I love their thick boxy shaped frames. You also have to respect their a classic style and legacy. The originals were black or tortoise shell but now they’re available in all different colours and patterns for both lads and ladies. Wayfarer are also suitable for all face shapes. What’s not to love?

These are retro masterpieces and not for the style shy. I’m always seeing art students and trendy, stylish young people wearing this sort of thing and rocking it with other retro awesomeness. They are also sometimes known as browlines, as the frame has a thick top that runs across your brow.

Tower this is Maverick, requesting a flyby. Called Aviators because of their obvious aeronautical routes. The true original aviators have smoked or reflective or lenses and a dark metal frame. These glasses were designed with large lenses to block the sun from every angles. This makes them a great choice when piloting your car or van to a sunny beach.

I’d recommend going to a website such as Freyrs, where you can buy all these styles for under £10 each. What I would do is buy a big selection of different styles, wear them, live with them and then see which you like the most!

From left to right: Wayfarer, Aviator and Clubmaster.


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