The Best Christmas Films

What are the greatest Christmas films? This question is particularly important to me at the moment as I’m buying a new Panasonic TV from John Lewis and am planning on breaking it in with plenty of the best Christmas movies over the festive season.

I’ve been thinking about which films I’m really looking forward to watching on this new super clear, high resolution television. I’ve drawn a few into a short list to share with all of you:


Jingle All The Way

Arnie has produced some amazing films in his career, Terminator, Predator, Total Recall, to name a few but I’m sure even he realises that Jingle All The Way was his personal acting best. Fantastic films on so many levels.

The Great Escape

Possibly the best Christmas film ever made, which is even more fantastic when you consider that it doesn’t really have any connection with Christmas. A definite post roast turkey must have.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

The ultimate alternative Christmas film. Featuring Tim Burton’s distinctive animation style and also the best Christmas movie song: “What’s This?”

Muppet’s Christmas Carol

My childhood favourite, the Muppets take the Dickens Classic and somehow kinda improve it. I love Gonzo and Rizzo’s narration.

Die Hard

I appreciate that this isn’t the first film that pops into mind when considering Christmas movies, but rest assured it is 100% a bonafied Christmas movie (I checked with Santa) Yippee ki yay!


An amazingly funny and brilliant film. I love Will Ferrell’s hilarious character and Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones’ sneak appearance. Don’t eat the yellow snow!


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