Skate Deck Art – Now on Socks

Just like a cheesecake, the best part of a skateboard is the underside. I love skate deck art, it’s just a massive shame you hardly ever get to see it. After you’ve bought the deck, when do you really get a good look at it? To add insult to injury the artwork then gets scuffed, scratched and eventually is no more. I’ve managed to find some socks that solve this problem, they are made by Stance Socks and I bought them this week over at Shore.

finished decks
One of my favourite Skateboarding graphic artists is Don Pendleton, I love his cubist style, use of line (posh art talk) and how his pictures look really, really rad! He has created designs for Element, DC, Etnies, Oakley and Gravis to name just a few. So the chances are you will have seen his creations at some point.

If you have never heard of him, then here is a little vid featuring Don…

When I found out that Don’s artwork would be coming to the medium of socks, I was overjoyed. Now my feet can look as cool as the underside of a skateboard! The socks are great quality and really cool. Don’t worry about getting a canvas or a print – just buy some socks!




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