The Best Alternative Christmas Songs – Three On Thursday

Merry Christmas from Wild Tide, hope you had a fantastic day yesterday! First off don’t worry, I’m not blogging on boxing day, that would be almost as bad as getting up at 5am to go into town for the sales! I’ve scheduled this post and am actually writing it way before Christmas! Genius.

Three on Thursday is going to have a Christmas special and I’m gonna give you a rundown of my favourite slightly less usual Christmas tunes. Hope you like:

Run DMC performing their festive rap – Christmas In Hollis (I love the high production values video)

Metal Legends – Lemmy Kilmister, Billy F. Gibbons, Dave Grohl playing Run Rudolf Run – No explanation needed!

Finally a post-hardcore Christmas masterpiece from one of the best and most creative, unsung heroes of British Rock of recent years – Reuben.


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