Bluffer’s Guide to Beer – Review

After a fantastically gorgeous Saturday weather wise (as you may have read about in my last post), mother nature decided enough was enough and on Sunday we were back with the standard winter rain. So I did what any sensible fellow would do and retired to one of Cornwall’s many fine drinking establishments to while away the afternoon. In front of a log fire and with my palm on a pint, I decided to research the subject in hand using my newly purchased Bluffer’s Guide to Beer.

First things first, the book is brilliantly written with a very humorous style which I loved. The Bluffer’s Guide doesn’t take itself too seriously, but still manages to cram your cranium with all the beer knowledge you could ever realistically need. It’s aim is basically to give you enough knowledge that you could blag or bluff your way through any beer related conversation. Another thing I really enjoyed about the book was how it was scattered with interesting and amusing quotes from a vast selection of people, from Plato to Homer Simpson! My favourite being:

‘Beer is the reason I get up in the afternoon.’ – Anon

During my read I learnt loads of things, including what actually is the difference between stout and porter! The Bluffer’s Guide to Beer covers a huge variety of topics in just enough detail to give you all the important information, but without becoming tedious and boring you. Here are a few topics featured in the guide:

  • The history of beer,
  • Tasting and describing beer,
  • Serving beer,
  • How to complain about off beer,
  • The brewing process,
  • Beer today – craft beer vs the big corporations,
  • A break down of individual beer varieties.

This is the perfect book for anyone who, like me, enjoys beer and would like to learn a bit more about it whilst not getting too bogged down in the intricate details. Easy to pick up and hard to put down; this witty little book packs a punch when it comes to interesting facts, delivered in a charming, humorous and conversational style.




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