Keeping a Dry Head with a Wombat Bush Hat

I don’t know if you are aware but its been kinda rainy recently! I’ve been getting a tad annoyed about getting drenched whilst walking the dog out in the countryside. I decided to purchase a proper mans outdoors hat in the form of this soft brown leather Australian style bush hat from Wombat Leather.

It arrived in one of those posh draw string bags that I’ve only ever seen things like my girlfriends designer handbags stored in. This added to the sense of quality and luxury which continues with the details such as the band surrounding the hat, which is detachable using two clips (although I much prefer the look when its on). Wearing the hat is really comfortable, it’s also got a nice weight to it which makes it feel sturdy, strong and most importantly unlikely to be blown off in the wind!


It has that fantastic genuine leather smell coming from the soft cattle hide leather. They have treated the hat with a special oil and wax combination which has made the hat waterproof and enhanced the UV protection. The all round brim and added UV protection would make this an awesome hat for fishing and I think it may be accompanying me on sunny summer fishing trips as well as in the precipitation of the wild, windy winter ones.


I think this hat looks really rugged and made me feel like Crocodile Dundee or a cowboy when wearing it. As you can see from my rainy photos, I’ve been using this baby for a week or so when out walking the dog and doing my day to day outside activities and I can report that It’s absolutely perfect for the purpose for which It was bought – protecting my noggin from the harsh elements. Well that’s when I’m not resting it on lumps of granite to take photos!



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