Using an Olloclip to Shoot Even Better Photos on your iPhone

I use an SLR for taking the majority of photos for this blog; for quality and control you really can’t beat one. However I never really take it out and about with me, It’s too big, bulky and I feel like a bit of a fool carrying a camera bag everywhere. This means that the vast majority of photos I take in my day to day life are taken with my iPhone. I reckon that this is probably the case for the majority of people. If something cool happens and you want to snap it, most people reach for their phone. Iphone camera’s are great quality, work well in all conditions and it’s easy to share the pics with your friends on the line.
So when I came across the Olloclip it was a no brainer. It’s an easy and convenient way to improve the quality and style of the majority of my everyday photography. Basically an Olloclip is a 4 in 1 lens that clips over the corner of your iPhone giving you way more optioned when shooting from your mobile. It has 4 different lens options:

  • Fish eye
  • Wide angle
  • 10x Macro
  • 15x Macro

You switch between the lenses by either flipping the Olloclip around or by unscrewing the fisheye or wide angle lenses to reveal one of the macro options. Included in the box is also a nice little bag for carrying your lenses which also doubles up as a good cleaning cloth. I’ve found myself popping the bag into my coat pocket when I went out. I also bought the Olloclip iPhone case, which is similar to a normal hard case but the corner flips up allowing you to easily slide on the Olloclip lens. This removes the only problem with the Olloclip which is that you would have to remove any standard phone case prior to using it. I’ll stop yapping now and show you some photos which I’ve taken with it. I took these all on the first day of having it and the photos are all 100% ‘unshopped’ apart from being shrunk to fit on the site.

I think you’ll agree the photos speak for themselves!

This is a photo of a rainy Prince of Wales Pier in Falmouth taken with my standard iPhone camera.

Standing in exactly the same place using the Wide angle lens.

Standing in exactly the same place using the Fish eye lens.

As you can see the wide angle gives you a bit more view and the fish eye gives you even more again. In fact it gives you so much more, that you need to be really careful that you don’t get your fingers in the shot! Also included with the Olloclip case is a snap on tripod mount. This came in really handy when using the phone for the Macro test shots.

The clip on tripod mount works in both the horizontal and vertical positions.
As close as my iPhone would focus on its own. Still pretty good!
Using the 10x Macro Lens – Really close and well focused!
Using the 15x Macro Lens – Super close!


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