Tehidy Woods & Coastal Path Walk In Salomon Hiking Boots

It’s seems to be brightening up in Cornwall this week. I may have been waking up a bit later for work than normal but it definitely seems to be lighter first thing, adding to this we’ve also had some nice patches of weather (along with some of the usual torrential downpours).

Early on Saturday morning my girlfriend and I woke up and decided to go for a walk through Tehidy woods and up and along the North Cliffs coastal path. Tehidy country park is a classic stomping ground for Cornish wanderers and is really easy to get to as it’s just off the A30 near Pool. It’s a great place to walk and was a great opportunity to get out in the fresh air and test out my new Salomon walking boots.

My muddy van parked up in the south carpark.
Along with the infamous uber tame and overfed swans, ducks and squizzels, Tehidy also plays host to lots of other creatures. This little Robin was definitely disappointed that we hadn’t brought him any snacks!


The woods were looking gorgeous first thing in the morning as we followed the fast flowing river downwards into the park. Rich winter colours were on display in the fallen leaves and morning light.



My brand new Salomon walking boots were doing a smashing job and were keeping the mud and puddles out excellently. I was really impressed with how grippy they were and how their high ankle support made me feel so sturdy when walking over rough ground.


This squirrel was clearly admiring my new Salomon Men’s Conquest GTX Hiking Boots.

As you walk up and through the woods towards the cliffs, the path widens out and you emerge from the trees onto a path between two meadows (unfortunately during the winter these arn’t much to look at). The crisp morning light was fantastic for a few snaps!

One of my favourite features of the Salomon boots is their lacing system. I wouldn’t have thought that laces on shoes could be that different or much better than ordinary ones but they really are! They grip and hold your feet in tight and really secure. The boots use high-end materials such as breathable Gore-Tex panels which are used in the shoes to keep your feet dry and comfortable. OrthoLite soles keep your feet bouncing along the path without aches or pains.

We walked along the cliff path, where great views are to be had of the enigmatic and powerful Cornish coast. After a while we found a bench with a brilliant view and had some snacks. We then decided to head back down into the woods and followed a different path all the way back to the parked van.



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