Walking a Lot Less Than a Thousand Miles in 1000 Mile Socks

You may be aware that recently the weather has been, a little bit (what I would call) iffy! Even when it’s not hailing or raining, it’s only been a matter of time before it starts up again. In a tiny break between the rain we made a sprint for the coast in my T4; to meander along the coastal path and check out some of the splashing and crashing of the ocean and listen to the whirl of the wind.

Just as we pulled the van up to park the heavens opened, the poor red beast was covered in hail as we sheltered inside. However less than ten minutes later the down pour had stopped and we emerged, very fortunately dry, from the VW. I was totally stoked to be getting outside and to be able to soak up some of the fresh coastal air. It felt like I had been stuck in my house for years because of the storms.

Water Droplets Windsceen
I was trying out my new 1000 Mile Ultra Performance Walk Socks which not only have the longest name of any sock I’ve ever owned but are also some of the most unusual and intelligently designed. They have copper fibre technology which means that they have copper mixed in with the fabric. This sounds like a bizarre idea but it is actually proven (I guess by scientists, doctors or clever people) to be effective in combating the micro-organisms that can cause odour. This offers protection during the entire life of the socks and will help prevent you getting cheesy feet no matter how active you are. Be warned – if you receive a pair as a present, It might be a subtle hint!

What is also really cool about these socks is how they are padded and contoured to fit your feet and to make them as comfy as possible. They have included stretch arch bracing in the sock to keep it firmly on your foot. In basic English this means that they have bits that are stretchy and grip to your foot. This helps to avoid annoying sock slippage which I’m sure you will all agree is a very frustrating occurrence.

1000 Mile Walking Socks

The Cornish coastline was on top form and was looking very dramatic. Even on a dull day the North Coast is absolutely stunning but on a sunny day with lots of ocean action it’s a total blockbuster. To be honest we didn’t really do a great deal of walking as we kept stopping to check out that stunning view. We got nearly a whole hour of sunny weather before the dark clouds reappeared and we had to retreat back to the van.

Cornwall Cliffs

If you look very carefully at my right foot, just before the sock disappears below my jeans, you can see where the material changes to the stretchy arch bracing material.
1000 Mile Socks


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