How To Fit A Rear Spoiler to a VW T4 Transporter

I bought my VW T4 spoiler ages ago, I had it sprayed by a proffesional to the same colour as my bodywork paint (VW Tornado Red). Top Tip – If you want to find the colour code for your T4 van, just look under the steering wheel, it will be written on a label on the black plastic surround.

Red Spoiler VW T4 Transporter

I had been putting off fitting the rear spoiler onto the van as it’s a bit of a scary job. After summoning up the courage, here is what I used and how I fixed my spoiler:

  • VW T4 (obviously)
  • A spoiler – painted
  • Car washing kit
  • 240 grit sandpaper
  • Masking tape
  • Bottles of water
  • Dry wipe pen
  • Good quality bonding adhesive

VW Red Spoiler T4 Spoiler

Fitting a Rear Spoiler to a VW T4 Transporter

1. Cleaning the van. I washed the whole van but paid extra special care to the top of the tailgate.
2. Show the spoiler to the van. Then mark out the area where the spoiler will sit. I used a combination of masking tape and dry wipe pen.

VW T4 Red Spoiler
3. Using these marks and being sure to not go over the lines, key in the paint on the van. This is to rough up the surface of the paint and give the adhesive something to bond too. I used 240 grit sandpaper. You don’t need to go crazy and bare metal it, just get rid of the sheen and give it a bit of texture.
4. You then need to key the side of the spoiler that will be attached to the van.

VW T4 Spoiler Red
5. I would then get a friend to help you do some ‘dry runs’ lining up and placing the spoiler down onto the van. It’s good to practice this as you want it to be level on both sides and it’s a lot easier to do it right first time.

6. With the spoiler off the van. Create a zig zag pattern of bonding sealant on the van. I kept about a cm away from all the sides so that when the spoiler is squished down in place, none of the sealant squirts out the sides.

Tranporter VW T4 Red Spoiler
7. Be very careful that the spoiler sits down equally on both sides, has no gaps under the lip or around the front.
8. If any bonding sealant does pop out, then just quickly wipe it up with some kitchen roll or something.
9. Once you are happy with the placement of the spoiler, then have your friend carry on firmly holding the spoiler onto the van.
10. You need to then grab the masking tape and start securing the spoiler into place. You need to ensure that it will not slip or move whilst the sealant sets.
11. I also placed a few bottles of water on the edge closest to the front of the van, this kept it pushed down onto the van.

VW T4 Red Spoiler Transporter
12. After several hours I removed the masking tape, as If you leave it on there for too long the masking tape will be a proper pain to get off the van. To be extra certain it had stuck good and proper I left the bottles on top and didn’t drive the van for a full 24 hours. You probably don’t need to wait quite this long, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

There you have it, your very own spoilerised VW T4!

Enjoy. (Or as I did, drive around nervously for the next week waiting for it to fall off!) (It didn’t!)

VW T4 Transporter Spoiler


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