Sleepy SLPY The Wearable Sleeping Bag

This is an article all about my new Sleepy. I’m not going to beat about the bush, the Sleepy is a funny thing, there is no denying it does make you look like a teletubbie, It is however still brilliantly fun and great for people like me.

SLPY Sleepy Logo Sleeping Bag
So what is it?

Well a Sleepy or SLPY is quite simply a sleeping bag with arm and leg holes!


Because it’s fun, cool and useful!

Let’s face it, as much as we all like to go Full Bear Grylls and get out in the raw, untamed wild, where we create fire using only damp sticks and our bare hands, eat bugs and grubs, sleep with rattle snakes and drink our own wee; A huge amount of the time we spend in the great outdoors is actually in a beautiful van (preferably a VW) on a well maintained campsite or at a crowded, pumped up festival.

When you’re living the more modern version of an outdoors man’s life, the things you want are a little bit more funky, comfy and quirky.

SLPY Sleepy Sleeping Bag
From the outside of the stuff sack (which makes a fantastic pillow or bolster by the way) the Sleepy doesn’t look any different from a regular sleeping bag, however Mother always told you not to judge a book by its cover…

I don’t normally include photos on Wild Tide that I haven’t taken myself, but in this case I’m making an exception. The reason being is that the photo below is a professionally taken photograph, of professional models that are wearing Sleepys. I just want to make it clear before you see the photo of me wearing my Sleepy, that it is impossible to not look a bit silly in one of these things. And that is totally fine with me, I love the fact that it’s fun to wear and when you do it makes people smile and want to say hi and ask where you got it. When wearing mine around the campsite I had lots of smiles and hellos (and tons of jealous looks, as people gazed in envy at my snugness!)

SLPY Sleepy
Now have a look at this photo below and try not to smile. It’s impossible to be unhappy in a Sleepy and it’s even more difficult to not smile when you see someone wearing one.

Sleepy SLPY
Finally let me get down to the nitty gritty and explain how a Sleepy works and its features. Imagine a regular, high quality, warm sleeping bag. Now place a big chunky durable zip at the bottom. Add two more chunky zips in the shoulders and two pockets like you have on your favourite hoody.

That’s a Sleepy.

What all these added zips mean is that you can go from sleeping in a normal, lovely, warm sleeping bag to a walking, running, exploring human being within just a few zips, like some sort of snuggly Transformer.

You undo the zip at your toes, roll up the bottom of the bag and tighten the drawstring. Pop your arms out of the shoulder zips and there you have it, you’re mobile and ambidextrous. It’s also got a chest zip which can be undone from the top or the bottom. This means….. drum roll… that when nature calls, you don’t need to even get out of your Sleepy. Oh yes Bear Grylls, you heard that right!

I love the Sleepy, it’s great for chilling in your van, hanging with friends at a festival and so much more. I guarantee when you have one, the first time your friends see it, they will giggle and some banter will fly, but after that, every time they see it, their envy will grow. Until one day you will spot them wearing a Sleepy of their very own.

SLPY Sleepy Wearable Sleeping Bag


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