Kurgo GoPro Camera Mount Dog Harness Review

My Springer Spaniel Rufus loves a trip to the beach. The huge plain of sand, pools of sea water and loads of doggy friends to make, mean he always has a great time!

His and my favourite beach to go for a walk on has got to Perranporth. It’s great for dogs and is so big you can happily let them off the lead so they can have a great big run without having to worry about other beach goers.

Dog Walk Perranporth Beach Cornwall

Kurgo GoPro Camera Mount Dog Harness

I’ve always liked videos where people have used their GoPro cameras to get interesting camera angles for their photos and videos. One of the shots that I think is really cool is the dog’s eye view. So when I found a dog friendly and affordable way of attaching my GoPro to Rufus I got one straight away. I couldn’t wait to see what the world looked like from a Rufus point of view.

The Kurgo Camera Mount Dog Harness can work with almost all action cameras, as it has blank attachment points for you to place your own ‘camera specific’ sticky mounts. There is one on the back and one on the chest, so you can choose which angle you’d like.

I personally prefer seeing his top of the head and ears than his lower jaw and tongue, so I have mainly stuck with the back mount. Although I did test out the chest option and it does work very well and look cool.

Kurgo GoPro Dog Mount Water
One of the things that attracted me to this mount first was that Kurgo are experts in dog harnesses and have a great range and reputation. Importantly, this showed me that the harness would be good quality and comfortable for Rufus. It’s made of thick, tough material and as you can see from the photo below, can certainly take a battering as well as a dunk in the ocean. It’s also padded in the right places so that its not annoying for the pooch wearing it.

Kurgo GoPro Camera Dog Mount
Fitting was really easy, you buy the harness in one of four sizes so its already a close fit, you can then create the perfect fit with five different adjustable points. Not only does this make sure that your dog is comfortable in the harness but it improves stability and makes your footage even better.

GoPro Kurgo Dog Mount
Popping it on was really easy, after I adjusted the size, I simply slipped it over Rufus’ head and clipped the quick release buckles around his waist. Having a ring for attaching your lead; It functions brilliantly as a walking harness (with or without the camera) and as Rufus was used to wearing these he didn’t even think twice about having the Kurgo Camera Mount Harness on.

GoPro Kurgo Camera Dog Mount
The footage I got from our walk was amazing. It was great to see things from his point of view and what he got up to when you couldn’t quite see. At one point he went round a corner and I lost sight of him, looking at the video It turned out he was off having an explore of a cave!

Obviously the recording is a little bouncy in places but so is a Springer Spaniel! I absolutely love this harness and it was great fun watching the video back, I look forward to filming more of Rufus’ adventures with it.

Now the important bit, a short little video of Rufus’ time at Perranporth beach. (Sorry in advance – he let himself down a bit and spent a lot of time sniffing other dog’s bums!)


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