Flymount GoPro Camera Mount Review

The Flymount is the latest addition to my growing collection of GoPro mounting solutions. This is the best mount I’ve seen for attaching your GoPro (or other action camera) to cylindrical objects (that’s the posh word for tubes!). This weekend I decided to put my new Flymount through its paces with my friend and his Yamaha Grizzly Quad Bike.

Originally designed almost 10 years ago for use as a mast or boom mount for windsurfers, the Flymount has evolved into the little gem of engineering that it is today. It has a simple to operate but ingeniously designed mechanism that makes fixing it a piece of cake.

Quad Bike Flymount GoPro
It has a curved jaw that is cleverly adjusted by tightening or loosening its large ergonomic cog. This makes attaching the Flymount to anything an absolute breeze. Its Jaws are lined with urethane which protects the surface and adds even more important grip.

It’s made of Premium glass reinforced Nylon-66 which offers an unsurpassable combination of strength and versatility, in a super light weight package. This means it wont loosen and start to jerk or wobble during filming. It also wont add extra weight or bulk to your gear.

GoPro Flymount Quad Bike
The quad wasn’t short on places to attach the Flymount but for the ultimate view we opted for right on the front bull bars. With the jaws open you slip them over the bar and then quickly tighten it up. It’s literally done in seconds. You can then adjust the GoPro left and right as well as up and down, to get exactly the shot you’re after.

What’s even better is that all the workings are made from marine grade stainless steel, meaning this bad boy is totally waterproof and therefore is great for using in and around dust, dirt and water.

Flymount GoPro Quad Bike
We blasted the quad around my friends land, splashing through paddles and mud! My favourite still from the footage we got has got to be the one below where you can see the wheels kicking up the water and steam coming from the quad! Even with my friend giving the quad beans the Flymount stood perfectly still and obtained crisp footage.

Flymount Quad Bike GoPro
With the Flymount being so versatile you can attach it to almost anything, in fact when the quad ran out of juice we were even able to attach it to a mini digger and film the recovery!

GoPro Badminton Racket
I absolutely love the infinite mounting options that the Flymount gives your GoPro; If you start thinking creatively you can attach it to almost anything and get some really cool shots, like the badminton photo above that I took.

It even works by gripping the jaws onto flat surfaces such as the nose of my skateboard, enabling me to get these cool photos. The footage I’m really looking forward to getting is clamped onto kayak or SUP paddles or even onto fishing rods! Expect to see lots more photos and videos achieved with the Flymount on Wild Tide soon!

Skate Flymount


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