Dartmoor in the Snow & Big Balls Beanies

So far there hasn’t been much snow down here in Cornwall, the odd quickly melting flake but nothing substantial. So the weekend just passed we went to Dartmoor in search of snow. With no particular destination in mind we drove off into the tundra, travelling past Princetown, past Two Bridges until we found a little carpark next to Cherry Brook.

We had seen an exciting looking forest and Tor in the distance. This Tor turned out to be Bellever Tor, but at the time we had no idea of its name. It was a super sunny and gorgeous day with thick snow underfoot and although my photographs don’t really show it, it was bitterly cold. Leaving the car, we both put on our thick coats, Big Balls Beanies, scarves, gloves and set off into the wild…

Big Balls Beanies Womens Hats
Wondering along Cherry Brook, we enjoyed the snowy tranquillity and thick blanket of untouched, virgin snow but before long the desolate, near silence was broken by the blood-curdling screams of snowball war. Hand crafted, icy spheres of fury shot through the sky and splatted against clothing. After a while, numb fingers eventually brought about a ceasefire, although it didn’t last for long.

My hat, a handmade Big Balls Beanies, was serving me very well and did a smashing job keeping my head warm but not sweaty. These beanies are available in loads of different colour patterns, all of which are bold, colourful and have a great amount of character about them.

Big Balls Beanies Mens Hats
On the outskirts of Dartmoor, as we made our way inwards, we had passed countless families out enjoying all the hijinks the snowy weather has to offer. Snowmen, sledging and snowball fights aplenty. Out here though, mid way into the moor, we hardly saw a person. It was just the odd footprint in the snow or silhouette on the horizon that kept us from feeling totally alone in the wilderness.

Dartmoor Tor Snow
After a long but exciting walk, I still hadn’t grown tired of the sound of snow crunching under my boots. As we made our way to the top of the Tor I looked forward to sitting down on a high rock, enjoying the satisfaction, view and most importantly: the chocolate cookies I knew we had stashed in my rucksack.

Dartmoor Snow Tor
From the tippity top of the Tor we planned our descent and our route back to the car. We both decided together that we would trek a different trail back, through a dark, ominous looking forest. In my head the forest was full of all kinds of deadly creatures; Wolves, savage wild bores and grizzly bears were just the start. Would we make it back alive? Could we survive the harsh, unforgiving, ghastly forest?

Before bravely setting off on possibly our last ever journey – the final great adventure, we took a GoPro shot of ourselves so that our families had something to remember us by and so that BBC Spotlight News had a photo to show alongside the “Two Hikers Ravaged by Wolves” headline…

Big Balls Beanies Snow Hats
Oh yeah. In reality the forest was free from all horror, apart from possibly the odd tripping hazard. So yeah, we made it back safe and sounds. The End.


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