Fatyak Kaddy Storage Pod Review

I’m a big fan of Fatyak; there is just so much to love. Their sit on top kayaks are well priced, well designed and are well made in Somerset, England. What more could you ask for? Awesome, home grown, colourful kayaks! This is why I own two of them, a standard Kaafu and a Fishing Kaafu.

So when I found out that they had created the Fatyak Kaddy Storage Pod, which is an additional storage hatch for any of the Kaafu range, I had to get one straight away. It fits into the back of the Fatyak Kaafu, in the rear storage area and can add a lot of usability to your already fantastic Kaafu.

Kaafu Fishing Kayak Fatyak
Fatyak have specifically designed the Kaddy to be tough, durable and lightweight. Most importantly it’s also waterproof; meaning that it’s great for storing large items that will not fit in the Kaafu’s two waterproof storage hatches. The opening of the hatch is roughly 17.5cm or 7 inches wide, this is a really useful width and you’ll be able to fit most things inside. When I took it out for a test run, we used it as a massive, waterproof, picnic basket, but there are so many other possibilities…

Fatyak Kaddy Storage Pod Kayak
So far I’ve thought of the following awesome uses for the waterproof Kaddy:

  • Picnics – it could easily hold enough food and drink for four hungry paddlers.
  • Clothes or towels – if you are kayaking to a seaside pub or restaurant (like the Pandora Inn), then you could store a nice set of dry clothes and towel for you and a friend. You could change and look dry and respectable again!
  • Storing caught fish – this is something that I’m really excited about. In the summer I always feel a bit worried about my catch getting hot and gone off in the sun, especially on long summer trips where you could have 8 or so hours between your first catch and heading home. With the Kaddy I’ll be filling it with ice and using it as an icebox to keep my catch cold, fresh and out of the sun all day long. (This would also work with drinks!)
  • Fishing equipment – I like to keep my spare equipment nice and dry as salt water quickly rots through most tackle and gear.
  • Live bait – Personally I don’t do much live bait fishing, however I know people who love to fish this way and I’m sure they will be using the Kaddy as a tank for storing sandeel, lance and joey mackerel.
  • Everything else! – GoPro, snorkel, camera, mobile phones, sun cream, sunglasses.

Fatyak Kaddy Storage Pod
Before my Kaddy arrived I wondered if it would affect the performance of my Kaafu or cause noises, but I can report that it causes no such problems. As with all Fatyak products, the Kaddy is one piece rotationally moulded, meaning that it has no seams or joints. Also like their kayaks it’s made from high grade high density UV stabilised polyethylene, which means that it is resistant to UV damage.

It has some really nice touches such as deck looks which mean you can attach accessories such as waterproof deck bags on to it and create even more storage. My favourite feature has to be the moulded in carry handles; this and the light weight nature of the Kaddy mean that it’s great for removing from the kayak to load, unload or transport. For example, I was able to land the kayak on the beach, then remove the Kaddy, carry it up the beach and picnic off away from the kayak with ease.

The Fatyak Kaddy Storage Pod is an obvious buy for any Kaddy owner who wants even more waterproof storage from their kayak. It’s a well priced and simple way to add extra versatility to an already awesome kayak.

Kaafu Fatyak Fishing Kayak


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