5 Must-Have Awesome Kitchen Gadgets

Since moving in the house, I’ve collected some amazing kitchen gadgets which my girlfriend and I use every single day. We agree that each one is unique in design- a must have in every kitchen. Here are our 5 of our favourites:

1. OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Rotating Utensil Holder

What a great product! This Rotating Utensil Holder by OXO has a large diameter (5.5″) so it can fit all of our utensils inside with ease-I think we have about 15 different kitchen items that fit nicely, the large design making it easy to get the required utensils out. Inside the bottom is contoured too which helps keep all of our kitchen tools upright, even if it is only half full! It is a really convenient gadget to have. There are these non-slip feet at the bottom which keep it firmly on the kitchen surface, helping it to stay upright when we are taking tools in or out.

Aside from the black “Good Grips” feet, the holder is made from stainless steel. This matches my other kitchen appliances perfectly and is a stylish addition to the worktop-apparently it is also dishwasher safe (however we haven’t acquired such a kitchen appliance, we do it old school style). My favourite bit about this awesome gadget is the fact it rotates smoothly, such a great idea. It has made cooking so much easier. Being able to spin the Holder around to get the required utensil is not only efficient but is fun and easy to use too.

OXO Rotating Utensil Holder

2. Voodoo Knife Block

The Voodoo Knife Block is definitely a talking point in my kitchen when friends come over. It’s the coolest and most unique knife block I’ve ever seen or owned and I love it. It comes with five knives (embedded in the Voodoo man)- a chef’s, bread, carver, paring and utility. The knives themselves are all super strong, each with a hollowed handle for good grip and balance, and resist corrosion as they are made from hi-grade steel with an alloy of molybdenum and vanadium. They are all excellent knives, with a very sharp edge. The design of the knife block works perfectly. Although quite a large worktop item, the Voodoo Man stands upright, reclining at a slight angle (to look like the blades have powerfully driven into his body), minimising the space used on the surface.

My girlfriend is pretty clumsy so I’m glad the Voodoo Knife Block actually has some excellent safety features to prevent any accidental stabbings. The base is weighted, therefore keeping the whole block sturdy. When replacing and storing the knifes in the Voodoo man, there are magnetic catches and clear plastic sleeves behind the man to hold them safely in place-making sure you don’t cut yourself on the protruding knives. The chromium steel look is highly reflective, which makes the knife block look really stylish and is the envy of all of my friends!

Voodoo Kitchen Knife Block

3. OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl

Another great kitchen gadget from OXO is the Good Grips Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl. I love using this bowl when preparing yummy things to eat as the Good Grips design really does give the bowl a non-skid base, making it extra sturdy and resistant to slipping when mixing and storing. This Mixing Bowl has been in the fridge a few times and because the interior is made from stainless steel, it retains temperature, therefore keeping our food perfectly cool even after taking it out of the fridge.

The bowl has such a great design, it has a white plastic exterior which not only protects hands from extreme temperatures, it also looks really stylish and matches my kitchen design too. Because it’s a good size and has a nice curved interior surface, we have used it with an electric mixer with ease and no mess. The bowl is also great to use for whisking, marinating, salads, sauces, chilling etc…. There are so many uses, a truly multi-purpose mixing bowl, a must have gadget in every kitchen.

OXO Stainless Mixing Bowl

4. Pyrex Cook & Store Plus Glass Rectangular Dish

I’d been looking for a microwave-safe container for ages, something stylish that would be fit for purpose and suit my cooking needs. Finally I stumbled on this fantastic product. The Pyrex Cook and Store Plus Glass Rectangular Dish is perfect. It is made of borosilicate glass which makes it really sturdy and strong, plus it can withstand up to 300°C so can be used in the microwave and the oven.

The lid (only suitable in the microwave) is great as it has this steam valve on the top, so works really well for cooking things like soup, vegetables and sauces. When this is closed, it makes the container air and liquid tight so not only have we been able to take our lunches out with us recently, we can also store all of our leftovers inside and pop it safely in the fridge. It really is the epitome of multi-purpose- you can cook, store, reheat and takeaway food with ease.

Pyrex Microwave Bowl Lid

5. Joseph Joseph Stretch Pot Stand

How did I manage to survive in the kitchen without one of these? It’s got to be one of my favourite gadgets in my kitchen. The best part of the Joseph Joseph Stretch is the fact it has an adjustable size. Unlike other pot stands or heat mats, the Stretch can be extended to provide room for more than just one pot/pan and can even a hold a large casserole dish. It’s amazing, and so sturdy, never leaving any marks on the worktop. Because it is made from a high quality silicone-nylon, the Stretch is the perfect worktop protector as it can withstand temperatures of up to 270°C.

It is so simple to use that even when I’ve got a boiling tray in one hand, I can open a draw, grab the Stretch and extend it, easily in the other – getting it ready to place the tray down on top of it. And when I don’t need it, it folds away really neatly and can be stored in a draw. I absolutely love the colour almost as much as the design- it’s a brilliant bright green – which makes it all the more appealing, adding some bright colour to my kitchen. Because I’ve found the Stretch so useful, I’ve bought a second one. This way I know my worktop will remain looking good whilst I protect it from heat using both of them.

Joseph Joseph Stretch

Joseph Joseph Stretch Worktop Protector


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