My New Interior Design Additions from Garden Trading

Wall Ducks Cinema Seats
Buying my own house was just step one. What I’ve been aiming to do over the past months is add my own style to make it really feel like My Home. Most people tell me that I have quite a quirky taste; I guess it’s true as I’ve never been to a house that has a similar design to mine. I don’t know whether that’s good or bad? However, I’m so proud of the cool additions I have added. They have really made the house feel so much more complete, from a large grey three seater corner sofa to two cinema seats to a camel teapot. It’s the little details that have made it all come together. I recently had a bit of a shopping spree on Garden Trading and bought even more great new additions. Here are some of my favourites purchases:

Drinks Tray with Wooden Handles

I absolutely love this. The drink tray has a timeless, yet practical design that receives many compliments every time I bring it out. The rustic wooden handles make the tray super easy to carry and the chalk colour makes this look so stylish. I’m always worrying about people carrying their drinks around and spilling them on my new carpet, so this prevents that- I can bring the drinks and snacks straight to them. The tray is quite large so fits lots of things on with ease, and because it is made from powdered steel, I always feel confident it will remain strong enough to hold everything I carry. This is definitely a winner in my opinion!
Garden Trading Metal Tray

Bermondsey Table Lamp

I am always keen to have some sort of mood lighting in my house so recently got this fantastic Bermondsey table lamp to add as a feature to my lounge. What I really love about this product is the classic shape- it looks pretty vintage, yet modern. Because it has a maneuverable head and arm, I can adjust it so it creates the right amount of light needed at the time. The head and base of the lamp are made from powder coated steel and the arm from oak, making this lamp look really retro and sophisticated. It has this really cool twisted white rope style cable, where the on/off switch is located, which adds to the design. The lamp really is a statement piece in my front room.
Garden Trading Lamp

First Aid Box

I grew up with a medicine cupboard in the bathroom, everything just kind of shoved inside, making it difficult to find the things you need. So I decided that one of the first items I would get is a first aid box. Then I stumbled on this one. It really caught my eye with its elegant yet simple design. It is super functional in any emergency as it is extremely portable, plus it has a quick opening lid so the medical essentials are really easy to grab. It is lightweight because it is made from steel and although small enough to be stored in the cupboard, it has plenty of room inside. There is a small tray at the top where we put smaller things like tablet trays and plasters, the inside is spacious so we can fit in all of our medicine bottles and boxes easily. Although we keep it in the cupboard, I would gladly have this on display as it is so cool and unique and a very important addition to my house.
Garden Trading First Aid Box

Set of 4 Slate Placemats with Matching Coasters

As I have bought a brand new white table, I felt it was important to keep it looking white and undamaged from hot plates and cups, so I got these slate placements with matching coasters. They are very contemporary and really stand out on the table. Both have heat resistant foam stoppers underneath which help prevent them scratching the table, plus the stylish slate design helps to stop drinks/plates sliding about. As I have experienced, the mats and coasters are really safe for placing down hot items on them. I’ve found out you can write on them with chalk, great when allocating seating arrangements (I’m going to do this the next time I have people around). The modern design is so smart and they even match my slate kitchen floor tiles brilliantly, in keeping with my style. I’ve got a vintage cutlery set which really wouldn’t work with most new placemats as they would look out of place, these slate ones on the other hand have a timeless look that will go with anything.
Garden Trading Slate Placemat and Coaster


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