Camping, Chapel Porth and The World Bellyboard Championships

During the summer, we spent numerous occasions on Chapel Porth Beach, west of St Agnes. I love this beach because of its clear waters and dramatic landscape. Due to it being so close to my new home, my girlfriend and I have got into the habit of getting up early to go and have a fry up on this gorgeous beach. It’s always so tranquil at that time of day, and it’s great to watch the early morning surfers arrive and take to the waves.

Fried Egg On The Beach
On Saturday 5th September a few friends joined us for some camping at Beacon Farm. As it was the end of the summer season, it was very quiet so we had the field to ourselves. However, because the rugby was on, and we were all pretty hungry, we popped straight down to The Railway Inn, in nearby St Agnes. After possibly a few too many beers at the pub and an exciting match, we headed back to the campsite to get ready for our BBQ.

We decided that Chapel Porth was the perfect place to go. The six of us took a stroll past the Wheal Coates engine houses – our friends were in awe of the spectacular views from the cliff top. We excitedly made our way down the coastal path towards the beach. One we were there our friends explored the beach taking photos galore!

Chapel Porth Cornwall
We found a sheltered area on the beach, out of the wind, and set up for the evening. Even at dusk, Chapel Porth looks so stunning. The BBQ was a success and eventually we made our way back to the campsite for some games and a few more drinks.

The next morning was the 13th Annual Bellyboard World Championships, presented by the National Trust and held at Chapel Porth Beach. We were all raring to see this exciting local festival, famed for its vintage approach to “surfing”- no wetsuits, no swimfins and no leashes, just the wooden board and a swimming costume.

World Belly Board Championships
It was so cool and had a traditional British feel to the event – including tea and cake and even a vintage swimwear competition. After admiring the artistry on the bellyboards themselves, we found a nice place to sit on the cliffs in the sunshine, overlooking the action of the event. A truly memorable day!

World Belly Board Championships Chapel Porth


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