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Way back earlier in the year, after a couple months of intensive renovations, I came home to find my house had been transformed from an empty looking to a shell, to an actual home. It was still pretty darn empty but now, with a carpet fitted, it looked like somewhere you could live.

The phrase ‘blank canvas’ totally summed up my house and with big open spaces and totally white, gallery style walls the place was ready to be decorated and filled. I decided to keep most of the walls white to keep the big, open, airy feeling and to draw attention to the furnishing and decoration inside the room.

Empty House Blank Canvas
I’ve got a pretty individualistic, eclectic taste and already had lots of frames ready to put up on the walls. There was a lot more wall space than I had first anticipated which meant I needed to go out and find some cool things to put into frames and hang on the walls.

You know when you go to peoples houses and you see a canvas that has been bought from a supermarket or megastore and you just know that there must be another few thousand people with exactly the same thing up on their walls – I hate that. Every person is different and every home should be too.

Jaws 2 Quad Chesterfield Wingback
A really cool, cheap and easy way to decorate your walls is with wallpaper filled frames. I used some of this Mermaid Moonbeam Wallpaper from Graham and Brown to continue my love of everything coastal and aquatic, throughout my house. It’s got a foil finish so that when the light shines down through my skylight and catches it, it really shimmers!

Graham and Brown Wallpaper
To compliment the fishy theme in the bathroom, I have a selection of fish based pictures, including the one below of the Rainbow Fish taken directly from an old copy of the book. This is another great tip for you, look through old books for great imagery that you can carefully cut out and frame. Along with all these pictures I also managed to find a stainless steel fish light pull. Not only does this match the fin-loving theme but also ties in very well with all my stainless fittings.

Fish Light Pull Bathroom
In the porch I used a vertical block of three to really draw the eye. This effect is really easy to do – just use your spirit level to create a faint vertical line and hang your pictures from this line. Just be really careful to ensure they are equally spaced down the vertical. Here again I used some prints to sit above and below my vintage barometer (which still works). Both of these prints came from up and coming artists. Art students often sell their prints in much smaller runs and at a fraction of the price of traditional artists and galleries.

I totally adore Cornwall and in particular the area I live in. Once you go a little off the beaten track, lots of the coastline is still super wild and exciting to explore. My friends and I often go searching out for new fishing marks and new places to swim and enjoy. I decided to frame an old Ordnance Survey map I had of the local area and put it in my porch. Not only does this look super cool but it’s turned out to be really useful and often on the way out the door we will look at it and plan the day’s adventure.

Map North Coast Cornwall Frame


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  1. February 17, 2016 / 5:19 am

    Really nice way you did this. Everything looking classic!! Thanks for inspiring!

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