BOGS Classic Ultra High Wellington Boot Review

Bog Boots Cornwall
I’ve just bought an awesome pair of BOGS Classic Ultra High Wellington boots. I’ve written a review of them which which contains some cool photography that I took up on the North Cornwall Coastal Path. The boots are really great and I love them! You should read on to find out why…

BOGS have been making wellingtons for well over a decade now; they started off by designing a boot to help dairy farmers keep safe on slippery cement surfaces but also keep their feet comfy during their long days at work. With this heritage, you know that you’re going to be in good hands with BOGS Boots.

Bog Boots Handle Holds
The first thing you probably notice when you look at these BOGS Ultra Highs is their easy-on pull handles. This is probably my favourite feature and one that sets these wellies apart from every other pair I’ve seen. Putting boots on and taking them off is something that is always awkward and these handles do a great job to relieve a lot of this frustration. The big handle holes on either side give you a great grip to pull the high topped boot onto your foot. They also keep your hands clean as you don’t need to grab the muddy part of the boot.

Bog Boots Sole Grip
That non slip sole that Bog started off designing for the dairy farmers is still there and works a treat. I’ve tested these boots out over loads of different terrain and they do not budge on any surface. It is really the quality of the rubber and the design of the grip that gives it such purchase. This makes them excellent for cold, icy weather and should stop you from falling over!

Wheal Coates
The evening that we took these photos was really windy, with a strong Northerly wind blowing in at over 50mph – it was super chilly to say the least! Luckily, the boots are made to be comfortable down to -40°C which is pretty incredible! They are able to do this because of their 7mm Neotech construction; this awesome material is totally waterproof and a great heat insulator. Inside the boot is an inner layer which is really stretchy and designed with comfort in mind. With these I haven’t felt the need to wear big welly boot socks like I do with a lot of boots.

Seasalt Coat Coastal Path
I’ve spent a lot of time walking in these Ultra Highs, including whole days at a time. This trip to the Coastal Path was no different to the other days I’ve worn them – they were unbelievably comfortable! Underneath your foot is a midsole with rubber sponge which adds extra cushioning and warmth. All of this has a special technology they call DuraFresh – what this does is fight unwanted odours and keep your feet and boots smelling fresh.

Bog Boot Cornish Coast Path
Handles make it really easy to pull these boots onto your feet as quick as a flash but they haven’t stopped there. To aid getting the boots off they have added a little notch to the Ultra High just above the ankle. With a solid construction and substantial design they feel really safe to work in and although this particular pair don’t have steel toe caps, they definitely offer some support and safety (if steel toe caps are important to you, then luckily, BOGS do make boots with them).

Bog Boot Coastal Path
The BOGS Ultra High are just that (high) and come in at 15” inches tall. Therefore, they’re great for walking through wet grass, mud, streams and puddles – perfect for all year round outdoor lovers. Dog walking, working outside, shooting, fishing and meandering across the beach are all best done in a pair of these boots.

Bog Boots Mud Grip
If you’re after a pair a good quality wellies that will last you a long time and are built to do a really, really good job then the BOGS Classic Ultra High Wellington boots are the ones for you. The clever handles, awesome fabrics and intelligent design do truly make these boots some of the most useful shoes you can wear!

Wheal Coates Sunset


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