Didriksons Edge Ladies Jacket Review

Blue Coat Didrikson Ladies Jacket
The trip to Snowdonia was absolutely epic. One of my favourite adventures with Mike so far. I was super nervous at first about braving the unpredictable weather conditions we were going to be facing whilst climbing the different peaks. The forecast predicted that it would be sunny one minute, followed by rain and even snow. Therefore, I decided I had to find the perfect coat that would not only keep me dry, but also something that was not too bulky so I wouldn’t get too hot whilst scrambling up the mountains. After an extensive search online, I came across this coat: Edge Women’s Jacket by Didriksons.

Didrikson Jacket Coat
The moment it arrived in the post, I loved it. For starters, the Pale Arctic colour is just fab. I wanted something that would stand out on the mountains, just in case! The material feels really nice to touch too, being a soft polyester weave.

Didrikson Coat Zip Ladies
I love the fact I can adjust both the hem and waist, so the fit is spot on. It looks really good to wear with my waterproof trousers and boots as well. A very stylish looking outdoor coat. So the look was exactly what I wanted, now I was just hoping it would do its job against the elements!

Blue Didrikson Jacket
My verdict of the coat after our Snowdonia trip? Two thumbs up! It really does do what it says on the tin! The outdoor elements were all in force over the four days we were in the mountains. However, the coat did its job perfectly. The walk up the Pyg Track to Snowdon’s summit really did make me work up a sweat. Thankfully, the coat proved ideal for keeping me cool as it is breathable and super lightweight. It has an ergonomic cut so it gave me so much freedom for movement, this was great when scrambling and trekking. I was never uncomfortable wearing it.

Blue Ladies Didrikson Jacket
At the summits of both Snowdon and the Glyderau range, it was snowy and a little wet. I was so happy that I had this particular jacket on. Because of the adjustable cuffs, hem and waist, I was able to keep the heat in. The jacket itself is 100% True Waterproof with the ‘Stormproof’ technology by Didriksons. This meant that not only was the jacket completely waterproof (I didn’t get wet once) but also windproof, because of this it can also withstand the harshest weather conditions (something I definitely needed to keep me warmer).

Ladies Didrikson Jacket
The exposed zippers on the pockets are also covered in a water resistant adhesive this stops water ingress during heavy downpours and will keep your pockets nice and dry! These pockets are positioned perfectly too, so whilst I was wearing my backpack during every walk/hike/scramble, I still had very easy access.

Didrikson Jacket Ladies Coat
I think my favourite part of the coat has to be the adjustable hood. It is stored within the collar but is easily taken out. Alternately, during dry weather the hood can be completely removed and your neck will still be protected by the high collar. When the weather wasn’t too good, I wanted to keep my hair dry and this hood really was amazing. There are two ways it can be adjusted. The elastic drawstring at the back of the hood is easy to use with just one hand to loosen or tighten it around your head.

Didrikson Coat Ladies Hood
The second is on the hem of the hood itself. You can bend this closer to your face to shield you from the elements. This worked brilliantly against the wind and prevented the hood from blowing back, as my other coats annoyingly do. Inside the coat is another pocket which is great for stashing things like your phone, money or compass.

This jacket was absolutely superb, definitely worth the money. Over several days of wearing the coat in harsh conditions I realised how well made and great quality it is. I know it will definitely last for many, many more adventures to come! If you’re after a really storm proof coat then go and check out Didriksons.

Ladies Blue Didrikson Jacket


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